Creating your unique selling proposition (USP) is one of those grown breaking moments that helps set a business up for long term success. The process of working out what your USP is and writing down your beliefs and values, and aligning them with your business goals and strategy, will help you to create an action plan for success. If you really don’t understand why you do something, and you can’t explain why to others, it follows that it will be much more difficult to create either products or marketing messages to market these products.

A Unique Selling Proposition Helps Small Businesses Differentiate Themselves

If you run small business, you won’t be able to compete on the things larger businesses often compete on, such as price. Instead, you’ll need to focus on one thing that you stand for that is different from your competition so that you can take some of the market from these larger companies. You can do it if you focus on smaller sub-audiences rather than competing for the larger audience, bigger businesses compete for.

A USP Helps a Small Business Narrow Their Niche

For instance if you are a writer and provide written content to small business owners, narrow down what type of content you provide and to which small business owners. “Small Business Owners” is too large of an audience and time and time again this is what stops a good business becoming great. Instead, perhaps you want to write content for business coaches who focus on helping 50-plus-year-old people sell their businesses?

A USP Helps Small Businesses Focus

These business coaches are therefore your audience, so your value proposition needs to be figured out next. Understanding that will also help you market to your audience in a way that separates you from your competition. Perhaps your competition focuses on inexpensive or even cheap content, you will focus instead of writing well-researched content delivered on time, every time. In this way you are not competing on price; you’re competing on quality.

What Your USP Means for You

With a well thought out unique selling proposition, you can decide exactly what you want and plan how you’re going to get it. It can assist with seeking appropriate feedback, and gives you a direction for taking action to reach your goals. A good USP can even help you work on changing your approach until you succeed, because you know exactly what makes you different from your competitors.

What Your USP Means for Your Customer

A well thought out unique selling proposition helps your customers understand what value you bring to the table and how you’re different from the competition. It tells your customer why they should buy from you instead of someone else. It provides a promise to them from you about your products or services that differentiates you from the others.

Creating a unique selling proposition is going to put you at a competitive advantage over those businesses without one, because it will help direct your actions today and into the future. As well as concisely informing your customers about important information, which will ultimately help them make a choice to purchase your goods or services.

What Your Unique Selling Proposition Means to You and Your Customers
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