Multi-channel marketing is all about getting your message out about your products and services through as many different channels as possible. The goal of multi-channel marketing is to get your information into the hands of as many of your target audience as possible. How many channels your use will depend on the ways you sell your products and services as well as how you find, engage and interact with your target audience.

The different ways you can market and sell products today include:

  • Websites and Web pages
  • Retail
  • Social media
  • Mobile commerce
  • Call centers
  • Catalogs (online and offline)
  • And many more…

There are many benefits of multi-channel marketing, the main one being that your audience can interact with and buy from you in numerous ways depending on where they are, when they choose to buy. In order to maximise sales by taking advantage of these many different selling opportunities, it’s important to engage and sell to your target audience though as many different ways as possible.

Getting the message to your audience requires a multi-pronged effort using numerous marketing channels.

You may want to use a combination of:

  • Website advertising
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Content marketing
  • Mobile advertising
  • Newsletter advertising
  • Social Media advertising
  • Email marketing
  • TV ads
  • Print ads
  • And many, many more…

For example, the sales process might look similar to this:

A lead sees a PPC advertisement on Facebook regarding a free webinar that you’re having in the next seven days regarding a topic they’re interested in. They click through and sign up for the free webinar, this triggers your email marketing software to send them pre-formatted and created information on a periodic basis, as well as signing them up to the webinar.

Via email they learn about all the different products you offer, and are reminded to attend the webinar. At the webinar they listen to the information you promised and are given a link to buy the promotional items you mention in the webinar. They click through to buy, and are then prompted to give more information such as their physical address, email address or whatever other information you’d like to be able to contact them through. Each step pushes/pulls your lead, then customer, through your sales funnel, each step leading to the next.

But, you will have lots of other entry points too, not just the Facebook advertisements, you keep your blog populated with regular and informative articles and information about your niche in which the calls to action point to your products and/or services and, of course, prompts them to sign up for your email newsletter. In addition, perhaps you guest blog post regularly too. The link within your bio at the end of these guest blog posts points your audience to more information on your website.

Each thing works with the other and independently as well, thus forming many different channels that all lead to the same or variations of the information you want your audience to know about.

Just imagine that, a sale funnel driven through multi-channel marketing with each channel, interacting with prospects and taking them automatically along the sales process and popping out new clients at regular intervals.

What Is Multi Channel Marketing?
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