Emotional intelligence may be a new term for you – but you may be hearing it more often when the traits of leadership are discussed. Emotional intelligence has been found to be an important factor in leadership abilities. More and more, organizations are seeking to recruit those who display a strong leaning toward emotional intelligence.

Employees experience more job satisfaction, retain more information and display better performances when led by emotionally intelligent leaders. But, what is emotionally intelligent leadership? Basically, it’s certain factors which leaders have that make them stand out and perform better than the rest, including:

  • Recognition of emotions in others. Emotionally intelligent leaders are aware of others moods and feelings in the work environment. They’re tuned in, emotionally, to their employees.
  • Emotions of others don’t affect them personally. Employees who express anger or are judgmental sometimes let their emotions get away from them. The emotionally intelligent leader doesn’t take such emotions personally.
  • Remain calm in challenging situations. Expressing yourself in emotionally-charged situations can be damaging to others around you. It’s best to keep them to yourself and later address the problem or situation in a calm and reassuring way.
  • Ability to put yourself in another’s position. Trying to understand the other person’s point of view when it differs from your own is sometimes difficult, but the emotionally intelligent leader can look at a situation from another’s perspective and gain more knowledge of how to address the problem.
  • Ability to regulate himself. A leader also leads himself and is able to regulate his or her feelings and emotions in a positive manner. He strives for a healthy lifestyle and is always learning.
  • Motivates others. Motivating others through positivity is another quality of the emotionally intelligent leader. When a person leads through threats and intimidation, nothing productive can occur. It may seem like you’re progressing and meeting goals, but if it isn’t handled in a positive way it will be like a structure built on sand.

To become an effective, emotionally intelligent leader, you must develop a true understanding about how people are affected by their emotions and the actions and decisions of others. Working with your subordinates rather than dictating the job to them is the difference between being successful – or failing at your leadership responsibilities.

Working on key areas of emotional intelligence can help you excel in all areas of leadership and ensure success in your future endeavors.

What is Emotionally Intelligent Leadership?
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