One issue with having a lot of complaining customers is that you probably have accidentally targeted the wrong customer in your marketing and advertising. Therefore, you may need to set up a system that actually helps you weed through potential problem customers so that you can focus on the customers you can truly help. This doesn’t mean those customers are bad people, only that they’re not right for your business and they’ll be happier someplace else.

Create a Targeted Lead Magnet

Everyone talks about the ethical bribe or freebie, but did you know that you should make it laser targeted on just the smallest part of your audience that you can niche down to? This means that you should create a lead magnet that is only exciting and wanted by that audience. That way, you’ll avoid freebie seekers and you’ll avoid having the wrong audience on your list.

Clean Your Lists

On a regular basis, clean your list of people who don’t open or read your messages. Most autoresponder companies charge you based on how many people you have on your list and how many emails you send out. If you are sending emails out to list members who might as well not be there, you need to eliminate them.

Create a Pre-Customer Questionnaire

This is very effective for most service-based businesses, because you can determine whether or not they’re truly part of your target audience based on their answers, and based on their willingness to answer the questions.

Host a Discovery Call

After the questionnaire, offer to meet them for 15 minutes on the phone or on Skype. This will be a good way to find out if you are a good fit with each other. Remember that it’s not just about whether they fit with you, but whether you fit with them too.

Complainers with No Solution

Sometimes a customer will come through who is always buying things from you, but is the first person to ask for a refund and nothing can help. These people probably aren’t real customers. You have the right to ban people from buying from you if they return things too often.

Learn to Say No

When you realize early on that a potential customer is probably not right for you, learn to say no. You can say no and still remain a good resource to them. Recommend someone else to them and then follow up with them later to find out of that worked for them or not.

Watch Your Stress

This is especially true for service providers. If any one client causes you undue stress, it might be time to let them go. It doesn’t make the customer a bad person; just again, not right for you.

Don’t Cut Your Rates

When you get a new potential customer who keeps complaining about your prices, they’re the wrong customer for you. No one goes to the doctor or McDonald’s and asks them to change their prices, and they shouldn’t do that with you either.

The best way to weed out the wrong customers is to know who your customer is to start with. Create audience personas, describe your ideal customer down to the minutest detail and create all your products and services for them as well as all marketing materials.

Weeding Out the Wrong Customers
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