As business people we all understand that our existing customers are our most valuable asset, these are our customers who have shown they trust us and who have experienced the solutions we offer to solve their problems. It’s also much less expensive to keep your current customers and turn them into repeat customers than it is to go out and find more customers. This is not to say that you shouldn’t continue to market and seek new customers, but you should also nurture your existing relationships with your current customers in order to increase sales and to turn customers into repeat customers. Here are a few ways that should help you achieve this.

Offer Early Bird Sales on New Products

When you know that you’re planning the release of a new product, tease your current customers along the way about the launch. Then finally boost sales of the new product by offering early bird sales opportunities to your existing customers and reward them with a customer only special discount or reward.

Keep in Contact with Your Existing Customers

Even if you aren’t planning a new product launch it’s important to keep in touch with your current customers by sending them links to interesting products you’ve discovered that other people have developed, or articles that you think they might find interesting you could be novel and actually pick the telephone up and call them up and simply ask “how’s things?”.

Follow Up with Customers Often

Once a customer buys something from you, if you want to foster the relationship it’s imperative that you follow up with them and ask them how they are enjoying their purchase. Do this after allowing enough time for them to try the product or see the results of the product, then use the feedback you get from your questions to make your next product better and if it’s a positive testimonial, publish that on your website.

Thank Your Customers

Never pass up an opportunity to thank your customers and surprise them with unannounced bonuses. These types of bonuses will encourage future purchases because people love feeling as if they are special and get more than they paid for.

Invite Current Customers to Special Events

If you are planning a special event that would be appropriate for current customers to attend, never fail to invite them personally to the event. Whether it’s in person or online, they’ll appreciate the gesture and remember you for it.

I was once asked to give a presentation at a networking event, this was to be a ten or fifteen minute presentation and to be a little different I invited along some of my existing clients. My presentation then simply consisted of my existing customers sharing their experiences of using my services… and I know this helps generate new business but it actually also cemented my relationship with these existing customers.

Make Customer Service a Priority

Never cut corners with providing good customer service. Implement a good ticketing system with deadlines on how quickly someone will get back to the customer, whether they have a problem or a compliment.

Invite Current Customers to Private Groups

A great way to thank your satisfied customers for their business is to invite them to a private Facebook group or message board for customers only. These people will be invaluable to you moving forward as they will help you create new better products and improve services.

Your current customers are far more important to help maintain a long-term business than you may initially think. They can become your biggest fans, recommending your products and services to others, especially nowadays with social media. And if you please them, meet their needs and respect them, they will become repeat, long-term customers that will stick by you for many years.


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