Working out who your ideal client is can happen in a variety of ways, the very best way is to decide who they are, prior to inventing a product or developing your services as this allows you to tailor your product or service specifically to meet the needs of your ideal customer. Many people still do it, the other way around, successfully; it’s just more difficult to do. If you are working out who your ideal client is, ask yourself these questions:

Who do you really want to work with?

I like to work with people I like, who I can easily engage with and who share the same values as I do, it’s important for you to know the type of people you want to work with. Write a description of your ideal customer and try not to leave anything out. You want this to be your perfect, ideal customer that would exist in a perfect world. Do you want to work with small business owners employing more than ten staff members? Do you want to work with stay at home moms wanting to start a small business? Do you want to work with early adopters or people that are afraid of technology? It’s up to you to work out who your ideal customer is.

What problems can you solve for your ideal customer?

Once you have started to write down your ideal customer profile, ask yourself what problems can you solve for your ideal customers? Can you generate sales for them by designing a website for them? Can you teach them something to be more successful? Do you have a product that solves a problem? Do you offer a service that solves a problem? The bigger the problem you solve, the easier it is to engage your target customer and gain sales, so list their problems and list your solutions.

Where is your market located?

With online marketing it is easy to imagine your company selling products and services to the international community as a whole. This however is generally a mistake and you should narrow it down, to English speaking or Australian or American or something else more specific. Maybe you realized while doing your research that your ideal customers live in your own city, or state or maybe you realize they live in many cities around the world, but are all English speakers.

How much money do you need to earn?

To many this might seem like a strange question but it’s an important determination on whether or not your chosen target customers, and the products and services you want to provide, will provide the income you need. If you’re only capable of producing products or services for a finite amount of people and they will only purchase at a particular price, this becomes very important to determining your business financial viability.

How much disposable money does your ideal client earn?

If your target customers cannot afford to buy what you’re selling then you’ll have trouble meeting your goals. Determine in advance what type of money they can afford to spend and what type of quality of products and or services they are expecting for that amount of money and fill that need.

What types of clients do you absolutely not want to work with?

Ways to Define your Ideal ClientJust as important as it is to know with whom you want to work, it’s potentially more important to know the types of people you absolutely do not want to work with. This doesn’t mean that you are shunning them; it only means that they’re not the right customers for you. Keeping the door closed to those whom aren’t right for you helps you leave room for those who are and allows you to focus on those customers you want.

What types of business do your ideal clients participate in?

Do your ideal customers already have their own business, or do they work for a business? Does your ideal customer buy from your competitors? If so, why do they choose to buy from them? Knowing the activities of your ideal customer is an important way for you to get closer to them so that you can be a resource to them.

What are your core values and how will you align your business with those?

These can be very personal values and ethics, and what you want your business and brand to represent to the public. They can also be only related to your business, it’s up to you. If you can match your values, and your business’s values with your clients’ values, you’ll have a perfect match that will help you match up your marketing efforts to attract the right customers.

It’s important to realize that if you work with and sell, only to people that you want to be around, like, and care about emotionally, you’ll have a much better business model to work with. You’ll be able to stick with this ideal client and form a long term solid relationships, and continue to solve their problems and fulfill their needs.


Ways to Define your Ideal Client
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