Becoming a professional blogger for profit is now a very real career choice that many people can be successful doing if you have a plan of action, follow through with it and include these ten key ingredients of an effective and profitable blog.

Determine Your Niche

To become a great blogger you first need to work out your niche, a niche is basically a sub-market within a larger market. By blogging to a specific niche group you ensure that your message is specific to that group. And although that group may be smaller, your conversion rates (ie. sales) should be higher. An example of a niche market within the weight loss market is “weight loss after pregnancy” or “weight loss for children.”

Great Design

Want to Become a Professional BloggerDepending on your chosen niche, your design should fulfill the needs of your audience to notice what is important about your blog. For instance, if you have a blog about art, then your design should be focused on the genre you’re dedicated to. If your blog is more business focused, you’ll want the design to be more business and content focused.

Strategically Monetized

A Professional Blogger wants to make money from their blog (their goal), but the aim of blogging should be, to first engage your audience, otherwise you risk the chance of distracting your blog visitors to the point that they are turned off and click away. You literally have seconds to keep someone new to your blog, so engage them and hook them in with your content first before trying to make money off of them. If you utilize Google Analytics you can check your bounce rate, this blog is currently running on around a six percent bounce rate, which means that only 6% of people that come to this website, leave almost immediately the other 93% stick around and read something.

Monetization should appear secondary to your target audience. If you’ve chosen smart solutions for your audience, and you promote only things you truly believe in, your blog visitors won’t even notice.

Frequent and Focused Content

One of the most important aspects of your blog, hands down, is the actual content that you include on your blog. You can include many different forms of content, but it should all be laser focused on your niche, with your audience in mind and it should be updated frequently, at least daily and ideally multiple times per day if you want to be successful.

User-Friendly Navigation

While your blog will be focused first and foremost on your content, don’t make it hard for people to browse your blog and locate the information that is of interest to them. This means you need to break your content down into easily understandable categories, whilst making it easy for people to locate items you have for sale and to also get in touch with you. Your aim is to make it super simple and don’t try and reinvent the wheel, navigation is pretty standardized now, people expect to find the home and contact us buttons in certain locations so give it to them.

A Professional Blogger is Audience Centric

The hardest thing to do with a blog is to keep it centered on your audience, their needs and wants and not you. Given the nature of blogs it can be tempting to make it all about you, there are ways, though, to write about yourself while focusing on your audience’s needs.

Practice Appropriate SEO

Search engine optimization is a method comprised of many different tactics that include content, proper site navigation, keywords, proper post layout, and more, both on and off your blog. All this ensures that your blog is found by those searching for your topic organically, below are a few SEO tips, but the real secret is to simply write to engage your audience, and not to worry to0 much about SEO as that will come naturally.

  • Blog Title – ensure this contains your SEO keyword phrase
  • Repeat your keyword phrase typically three to five times throughout the article
  • Ensure you bold your keyword phrase, once.
  • Ensure you use your keyword phrase in the alt tag of an image.

Incorporate Social Media Marketing

Not only should you promote all the content you put on your blog on social media, you should also include share buttons on your blog posts so that your visitors can promote your blog posts for you. If you include a call to action asking your visitors to share, you’ll get a much better response.

Promote Yourself

It’s important to be proud of every bit of content that you put on your blog so that you will also be proud to promote it. Promote it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and any other place you feel that your audience resides. Plus, find complementary blogs to guest blog on, mastermind groups to join and participate in and more. The better you get at self-promotion, the more traffic you’ll get and the more money you’ll earn.

Build an Email List

They say the money is in the list, and that’s true for any type of online real estate. Whether you have a website selling a particular product or a blog in which you want to monetize it, you need to collect visitor information and build an email list. Once you obtain someone’s email information you can send updates, special sales, and promotions easier. Plus, people are more likely to buy from your suggestion if they are a member of your list rather than if they simply visit your website.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Every blog post or piece of content that appears on your blog should have a purpose. If you cannot think of a call to action (CTA) for that particular content, then maybe it shouldn’t appear on your blog. Give every bit of content that you place on your blog a lot of thought and consideration for the best results.

Profitable blogging is real, people are finding success every single day, some travel the world blogging, and others supplement their income. The real secret is that you don’t have to try to reinvent the wheel, instead, do what other Professional Blogger ‘s have done in the past and create an audience-centered blog that can stand on its own.

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