If you’ve been online as long as I have, you’ll likely have heard about virtual assistants (VA) but always thought something like “nice job if you can get it” however over the last twelve months I’ve switched my thinking so much so that I think every single business owner now needs to seriously consider hiring a VA. The time of the virtual assistant has in my opinion finally arrived, so much so that there is a shortage of really good VA’s.

Perhaps you know someone that would make a great virtual assistant. They will be able to work from home, working around their families schedule, they can work in virtually any niche, from almost anywhere in the world and they can earn a good living.

You could be a traditional virtual assistant doing the type of work my mom used to do as a secretary all those years back, who would have thought, which is administrative type work or you could be an administrative consultant who works with a team of virtual assistants.

The more services you can perform the more highly sought after you will be, here is a list of some of the most sought after virtual assistant services.

  • WordPress Updating – Formatting and scheduling blog posts, as well as performing other simple updates using the WordPress content management system.
  • Email Customer Service – Check your client’s email for customer service issues and other issues that you can handle, only forwarding on those that need direct attention of your client.
  • Creating and Updating Spreadsheets – Many people need databases or spreadsheets updated, or even Excel spreadsheets created to use for various purposes.
  • Posting YouTube Videos – Vloggers or video-bloggers need people who can post YouTube videos to YouTube.com, as well as write keyword-rich descriptions so that the video will be found.
  • Set Up and Schedule Auto Responders – Using a system like AWeber.com or MailChimp.com to set up and schedule auto responders is a task that a VA can do.
  • Loading Products into a Shopping Cart System – People who sell digital or even physical products online need someone who can load up the information into various shopping cart systems.
  • Prepare Slideshows – A VA can prepare slideshows to use on a website, in a presentation, online on various presentation sites and more. Being able to take information and make decent slide shows takes creativity.
  • Social Media and Blog Management – Making sure that everything works together and all content is posted is a great niche for any virtual assistant, this is also one of the fastest growing.

As you can see there are many different niches that you can get involved in if you want start a virtual assistant business. As with everything to do with marketing, the very best way to decide what tasks you want to perform is to first think about your target audience. Your target audience determines what services you need to offer. For instance, if you want to work for authors, consider what type of services an author might need you to perform for them and then offer the services that they want.

Perhaps they will need fact checking, posting of blogs, social media posts, setting up interviews and signing parties and so forth. Design your services around what that particular audience needs and not the other way around. Once you are sure of your audience and the services you can offer them, you’ll need to create a website in order to market your new virtual assistant business, shameless plug here… you could contact me about this. (LOL)

Remember that you don’t have to do everything the audience needs, only the tasks that you want to offer that audience, within your skillset. This will ensure that your VA business is not only profitable but enjoyable as well and we all know that we work harder if something is enjoyable. Making money as a virtual assistant from home can be very lucrative and as I said at the start, every business owner should consider hiring one because the time of the virtual assistant has finally arrived.

The Time of the Virtual Assistant has Finally Arrived.
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