You could improve both your personal and business life tremendously by simply learning and using positive language in all of your conversations. When you learn this technique, you’ll instantly become more memorable and more persuasive in business meetings (and within your personal life conversations), and you’ll be able to work more effectively with people.

We’re almost conditioned to think that negative language works better, what with all the negativity in news headlines and even online. But, the simple truth is that positivity works better every single time. The best results always come from being positive, and in spite of those horrible headlines, study after study shows that the more positive that you can be, the better.

Positive Language Is Real Communication

In my experience there is always one person in every group, who always has something negative to throw into the ring when discussing things and almost always these individuals never have any idea of what you can do to fix the problem as they see it. Don’t you find that they only have negative things to say like “that won’t work”, “that isn’t how it’s done”, and such like. None of that actually helps to move anything forward, therefore it’s not even real communication.

Positive Language Is Productive

Saying things like, “That’s true but if you look more deeply…” will go a lot further than negative language like just saying, “You’re wrong.” Positive language is naturally much more productive and engaging. Even if you say something negative followed by something useful, more people will not hear it – they’ll only hear the negativity so always lead with the positive first.

Positive Language Keeps the Peace

If you start any sentence with positivity, you will automatically calm any nerves and keep the peace. However, if you start out with something negative, people will just close down immediately, button up the hatches and it will be much harder to get them back. It might even make people defensive and on edge with you. Being positive pushes things forward and keeps everyone happy.

Positive Language Creates Victory

Can you imagine if the moon landing had been reported negatively instead of with excitement and happiness? They certainly could have. They could have said something about the expense of the landing or how little time they spent on the moon for the cost. How the astronauts lost muscle mass, how the money could have been better used, or any number of things. No one wins with all that negativity.

Practice Positive Language

Instead of, “I don’t believe that” say, “Here’s what I believe.” Instead of, “It won’t work” say, “This might work.” See if you can turn some negative statements into positive statements and then keep practicing. The more you can create positivity as a habit so that it becomes automatic, the better you’ll get at being positive in your everyday language.

Finally, take some time to understand what the trigger words or power words are within your niche or community. Avoid words like “bad”, “hate”, “problem” and anything that has a negative connotation. Instead try to think of a way to say the same thing without using any negative words.

Using Positive Language in Your Conversations
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