Thankfully there is a lot of great technology out there to help you with your onboarding process. In fact, you can practically set up everything so that it’s automated for the most part – you just need to understand how to lead your customers through your product funnel at their level and take advantage of their mindset.

Your Website

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-built website, especially if I’ve designed it. Your website will be the first thing your audience sees when they come to read what you’ve written for them. Plus, that’s how you get your customers.

Social Media

Nowadays, customers like to communicate with you via social media. Everything there is transparent and open for all. It’s often where the first engagement takes place and makes all the difference in how your new customers feel about buying more.


No need to reinvent the wheel; do what successful marketers do and you’ll be successful too. This software provides your site visitors with an interactive guide on how to use your website plus advice on how to organize things to get the most for your time and effort.

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One way to keep customers happy is to give them step-by-step tutorials and information that help them use your product correctly. Often customer satisfaction is tied to customer service; when an issue arises you can make it so much better by making everything easy for your audience.

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With this product you can improve customer engagement and work with your marketing platform. It works easily to create customer onboarding flows so that you can test out what will work best for you.

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Sometimes you need to drive user engagement, and education can be a great way to accomplish it. Having a personalized tutorial for your visitors is going to make a big difference.

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This email marketing software or any autoresponder type software can actually be an onboarding tool that will help you communicate with your customers the moment they answer your call to action to sign up for your list, or buy something from you and get put on a list.

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They know that having the right onboarding process is going to make a huge competitive difference for your business. You can manage your customers’ experiences, ensure that procedures are followed, automate many processes, and save time too.

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This type of software is very helpful for attracting customers in the right way so that engagement can begin and relationships can be built. You can use other software, but having tried-and-true effective sales pages will make all the difference and Leadpages meets that point.

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Try out some of these tools to help with the onboarding process. You’ll be sure to optimize your customers’ experiences, learn to automate many processes, keep things looking simple to your clients, and more.

Tools to Help with the Customer Onboarding Process
Website and Marketing Packages
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