No matter how interesting running your own business is, and how enthusiastic you are about all the great opportunities it offers, there will be some days when you struggle with motivation. You just don’t want to sit at that desk another minute and answer yet another email or tweet another message.

If your “get up and go” has got up and gone, here are a few suggestions to get your mojo back.

As Nike Says – Just Do It

Chances are you might not be in the mood when you start, but you will gradually relax into a groove and get on with your to-do list. No matter how badly the work comes out, such as a new blog post, you have something you can edit and improve. Procrastinating will not gain you anything.

Stop Trying to Be “Perfect”

Many business owners overwhelm themselves by thinking everything they do has to be perfect. It doesn’t. It just has to get done. Do your best, of course, spellcheck your work and make sure you have said what you really mean and will not offend anyone before you hit the Send button. But otherwise, doing your best is better than doing nothing at all.

Avoid Overwhelm

A lot of people struggle to get their workday started because they are so overwhelmed that they literally have no idea where to start – and so they don’t do anything. If this is the case, it’s time for an honest assessment of what you are spending your time on each day. Consider outsourcing some of these jobs to affordable freelancers, such as on But until you find the right helper/s, just pick anything from your to-do list and just do it.

Outsource Tasks That Drag You Down

There are always going to be tasks you love doing and look forward to each day. Chances are you are good at them, they are interesting, and you are proud of your work. Then there are the tasks that are dull, boring and you hate them. You might even be so bad at them that you dread them and procrastinate until things come to a standstill in your business.

The truth is, there are millions of freelancers online who can take these tasks off your plate so you can happily spend your time doing the things you love.

And here’s another reason: You will never be able to earn $50 per hour if you are spending all your time doing $5 per hour tasks.

So be honest and write down all the chores you hate doing most, and start looking for reliable freelancers who can help you grow your business by freeing up your time and making the hours you spend on your business more positive and productive ones.

Manage Your Time Better

One reason you might feel unmotivated is that you’re spending so many hours on your business, but don’t seem to be getting the results you were hoping for. There might be a couple of reasons for this. One is that your hours are really not as productive as you think they are. Create a spreadsheet to track typical work days (or work sessions if you are running your business part time). Every 15 minutes, write down what you have accomplished.

If most of it is emails and phone calls, these chores are eating away at your work day and not doing anything to really help your productivity. Consider doing these chores only at certain times of the day, such as morning, lunch and evening before leaving for the day, and see how much more of your work sessions can be spent on things that really grow your business.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a little treat at the end of each task you complete. It could be a break, a nice hot cup of coffee, or five minutes of online backgammon — just don’t get carried away.

Remember – not all work has to be perfect, it just needs to get done. Use these tips to stop procrastination in its tracks.

Tips for Staying Motivated When You Just Dont Feel Like It
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