The people that know your business the best and can help you improve your business are your customers, and one of the best ways to really improve your business is to get feedback from your customers. Then implement changes and improvements based on this feedback. However, it can hard and an extremely daunting task getting feedback from your customers if you don’t know how to make it part of doing business with each customer.

Gather Information from Analytics

When it comes to websites you can learn a lot about your customers’ behaviour by looking at Google Analytics (and other site analytics offerings like Facebook). It’s amazing what you can learn by looking at a heat maps such as offered by FX Digital. By being able to visualize and actually watch what individuals are doing when they come to your site, you can gather information that will be useful to improve your website conversions. Top this with A/B Split testing from FX Digital and you can really start to push conversion rates upwards.

Carry Out a Survey or Poll

There are many ways you can do a survey or conduct a poll. You can automatically send a survey or a poll to each and every person who purchases from you, offering a discount on a future purchase if they complete it. You can also put a survey or poll right on your website or within your social media sites to get some valuable feedback from customers. You might also like to conduct the survey the next time you speak or visit your customer, although feedback often given in such circumstances might not be honest, as people will seldom tell you something that might upset you.

Do Something Controversial.

This can be dangerous (you have been warned) but it can also pay off. It’s important that you truly understand and know your audience before doing something like writing a blog post that will be controversial, or sharing a controversial image and quote on social media. But, once you start a controversy of some sort, you can generally count on getting a lot of feedback from your customers. Some of it will be informative and some not so much.

Ask Them Directly

Make it a habit that at the end of each business cycle, be that monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the type of contract you have with your clients, you ask them how they enjoyed their service. Ask them what they’d do differently, and what they’d do the same. Then give them space to expand on those comments so that you can gather even more information about your customers’ mindset.

Act on the Feedback

Finally, if you’re going to ask for customer feedback it’s important to actually implement the feedback and announce that you did so based on customer information. The more you publicize something you do differently due to customer feedback, the more likely your current customers are going to be to be free with the feedback when you ask them. Even if it was not them who gave you the feedback, they’ll appreciate that you do listen to your customers.

Finally, when your customers offer feedback to you, always ensure that you thank them for their feedback by sending them a note thanking them. Don’t make the thank you too generic. You want to address their feedback, give them some ideas of how you plan to implement their suggestions and then you can also offer a percentage off a new item, or a re-download of an improved item.


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