Savvy entrepreneurs are selling all sorts of digital products these days. However, there are three which are amongst the most successful and therefore the easiest ways to earn money online. They are:

  • An ebook
  • An online course
  • A membership site

Let’s look at each of these in turn.


Thanks to the Amazon Kindle ebook reader and book publishing platform, it has never been easier to create and sell an ebook. You can sell ebooks directly from your own site if you wish, but being part of the Kindle program offers you lots of different marketing opportunities.

Amazon is the largest bookseller in the world, selling ebooks in more than 20 country-specific stores and in at least half a dozen languages. And all you need is a Word document with interesting information, a great title, and an attractive cover.

Upload the book file and cover to be converted in an ebook. Enter the essential Amazon catalog data for your book, such as title, author and of course price. Once you publish it, your book will be listed on what has essentially become the world’s largest customer search engine. Amazon takes a certain percentage of the sales, it is true, but they do help you market your title in a number of ways. For example, they have an area on product pages that shows similar titles, and can list yours.

Ebooks are cheap and easy to create, and simple to sell as long as you keep your target audience in mind.


Online education is booming. There are a number of popular sites such as Udemy and Teachable that will allow you to create a course online, deliver your content, and collect payment.

Being on these educational aggregator sites means you will be side by side with other teachers in your niche and your course/s can be found easily. You can set homework, create tests and quizzes, and more. Show what you know and you can position yourself as an authority in your niche or industry.

Membership Sites

A membership site can offer members fresh, exclusive content every month, such as articles, how to’s, templates and more. The format is up to you. You can expand on your ebook content and craft similar content to what is in your digital courses. The main thing is to keep the content interesting enough for people to want to subscribe month after month.

Studies have shown that the average subscriber will remain on a membership site for 90 days. They are also willing to pay each month if they feel they are getting real value for the money. Creating a membership site with your best insider hints and tips will have a high perceived value.

Another use for the membership site, also called a continuity site, is to give them fresh content they can use in their business every month. They then get a license to use the niche content you have created.

Why don’t you give each of these three methods a try and see how much money you can earn from digital products.

The Three Most Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online
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