In every business, sales are important. This goes without saying. These sales depend on customers and in order to have customers you’ve got to have leads. A lead is nothing more than a customer who hasn’t purchased from you yet. So, the key then becomes how do you transform your sales leads into paying customers and reap the benefit? Well, one of the easiest ways to turn your sales leads into customers is with an effective sales lead follow up.

Follow up, as you probably know, is the concept that prompt, polite and on-point return communication has the ability to drive your business and personal life forward. The idea is that when you return phone calls, answer e-mails and generally keep the lines of communication open between you and the other people in your personal and professional life, good things begin to happen. It’s an important concept to investigate and learn because it works.

People appreciate being treated well. People respond positively to positive treatment. Because your sales leads are people, it follows that they will respond favorably to positive treatment as well. All the follow up teaches is that if you communicate with people in the same way you like to be communicated with, good results will obtain. You treat your leads well by utilizing good follow up and they reward you by becoming paying customers.

Look, potential customers are always skittish. They are often unsure of you and your product or service, especially if they have never dealt with you before. This mistrust is natural and it is your job, as a business owner, to deal positively with their misgivings. A follow up contact with the lead is a great way to begin to build trust. The very fact that you’re contacting them to see how you can facilitate their purchase decision demonstrates that you care. This, in turn, begins to build trust between you and the potential client.

A follow up communication is also an excellent opportunity for you to add value to the potential transaction. If the lead had a particular concern or special need, the follow up is the right time to address those issues. Additionally, you can use the follow up contact to notify the potential client of any special offers or sales that might be positively affecting the purchase price of the item or service they expressed interest in. The idea is to offer the lead value without asking for anything in return. Again, this builds trust and goodwill and, in the end, trust will be the number one thing that turns this lead into a customer.


The Sales Lead Follow Up
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