For many people, running a business out of the home can be a great opportunity. You can spend more time with your family, control your own workload and income, and have a lot more flexibility to fit your life. But before you quit your job and get started, you need to consider some of the downsides of working from home and how they could affect you and your family.

One thing many people don’t consider when making the decision to work at home is loneliness. Even if you work hard, if you’re at an office, you have a lot of human interaction. We all need to interact with other people on a regular basis to stay happy and healthy. If you’re starting a home business, be sure to schedule in plenty of social activities with friends, even if it’s just a phone call during the day.

While the normal office includes a variety of distractions, it also includes a supervisor and deadlines to help you keep on track. A home office has more distractions and less threat to keep you focused. If you’re someone who’s easily distracted by things like computer games, television, or other things in the home, this could be a problem. While you’ll need self-discipline, it also helps to have a dedicated office and specific work hours to help you focus.

Many people bring their work home from the office, but it’s a whole lot easier to do this when the office is in your home. Many moms decide to work from home so they can spend more time with their families. But after a while, they see their families less because they’re working on weekends and until all hours of the night.

Most moms have become pretty good at multitasking – to run a family you pretty much have to be – but working from home takes multitasking to a whole new level. Not only is the baby screaming while the dinner is cooking and the laundry is being put in, but now you have a work deadline to meet as well. If you want to work from home, you’ll need to learn to be an expert multitasker.

Normally, people who work outside the home are paid hourly or are salaried. While you may have variable hours, usually it provides a fairly steady income. Depending on what work you’re doing at home, your income is likely to be much more variable, especially at the beginning when you’re establishing your business. Make sure to have savings or a backup plan to help you out when your income dips.

While there are a lot of problems people may encounter when working from home, they are all manageable if you’re prepared for them, so try not to let them discourage you. Working from home offers many benefits as well, including flexible hours, more control over the kind of work you do, more time for your family, among countless other things. Ultimately the choice is up to you and your family.

The Pitfalls of Working from Home
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