Businesses spend years building up their business brand and because it’s one of those intangible things, it’s often easy to forget how important it is to a business’s success or failure. In fact to have a long term business, branding is a lot more important than a particular product or service you offer today. Just think about the business brands you have come to know and love, and how have they adapted over the years. Can you see how a strong brand changes with the times, but remains true to its core values?

Audience Knowledge

A strong brand knows exactly who its audience is, what they need, desire, pain points, fear and wants. The successful business brand will keep delivering quality solutions to their target audience, time and time again, over time and will not be stuck in the past.

Product Differentiation

A strong business brand can instantly be recognized as being unique from its competition, and the business management know exactly how to do that using strong marketing messages.

Brand Promise

A brand’s promise takes into consideration the brand’s position in the market place and can be articulated to the public via marketing, or it can be demonstrated via actions. The promise is implied to its audience in intangible ways.


If you were a flyweight boxer would you challenge a heavy weight boxer to a competition? Similarly the strongest brands know where to compete, whether it is on price, service, quality, or some other criteria. Brand ambassadors know exactly what advantages their brand offers over other brands, and they can easily express it.

Message Consistency

Successful business brands send a consistent message through all marketing channels to avoid confusion and a washed-out brand message. While brands do need to understand the subtleties of different social media marketing, they need to know first who and what they are and they need to remain true to this.

Powerful Vision

Having the ability to tell your brand story in detail whilst also sharing your vision with your audience is paramount to creating a strong brand that can stand the test of time. The vision informs the marketing efforts that drive the message.

Audience Product Awareness

This is earned through excellent marketing programs that give attention to the benefits of the product, directed toward the ideal audience persona. It seeks to ensure that even non-customers are familiar with the brand and know what it does and that it is trustworthy. Customers are extremely loyal, and are repeat customers that refer others to the brand.


The joy and focus that passion brings to the table when it comes to your products and services will sustain the brand during both lean times and times of plenty. The passion will also enable you and your team to provide top-notch customer service and continued products and services aimed at meeting the needs of your audience.

Building a strong brand takes time, commitment and effort. It takes a willingness to stick to your messages for the long term and not to forget what your values are. To serve your target audience, solve their problems and deliver solutions that stand the test of time, don’t forget these important points as you move forward building your own business.

The Often Forgotten Elements of a Strong Brand
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