Why are you in business? That may seem to be a slightly personal question, but it’s one every entrepreneur need to ask themselves. Why? Well, the answer to the question reveals quite a lot about the outlook of the person answering. You see, some people might say “Well, I’m in business to provide the highest quality products to my customers.” While that’s a noble sentiment, it’s also just that – sentimental. It’s also dead wrong. Other people might say “I’m in business to help my customers find solutions to their problems.” Again, that’s a wonderful thought that’s also completely wide of the mark.

You see, there is only one correct answer to the question of why you’re in business. You are in business to make money. That’s it. If you require that thought to be elaborated then let me say that you are in the business of making money. That’s what you do, no matter what product or service you physically provide. Money is the blood of any business and without sufficient cash flow, the business is dead.

If you’re a successful salesperson you already understand this blunt fact. If you desire to be a better salesperson, then it is in your best interest to gain a better understanding of this fact. How efficiently you sell what you sell to your client base has a direct and immediate effect on your business’ bottom line. If you’re competition is doing a better job convincing the public to buy their products over yours, you lose. If you’re customers don’t believe, trust or like you enough to buy what you’re selling them, you lose. It’s a zero sum game with only one winner.

That’s where motivation comes into play. In order to win at the sales game you have to want to win. You have to desire to win. You have to need to win so badly that you’d do anything in order to win. You’d forego sleep. You’d forget to eat. Heck, you’d give up breathing if it meant that you could close a sale over your competition.

If you think that is an extreme position, guess what? You’ve already lost to the guy or girl who believes in their heart and soul that closing a sale is about giving it everything they’ve got to give. The very best salespeople are highly motivated individuals. They are driven to excel at what they do and to exceed all expectations. They know that if they don’t make an effort to achieve their personal best, then any effort they have made is wasted.

The Motivated Closer
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