One of the best ways to ensure your businesses long term success is to seek to continually grow and expand it. As they say, “if you’re not green and growing your ripe and rotting,” there are many ways you can experience continuous growth and expansion in your business, let’s look at a few.

Start a Joint Venture Partnership

There is nothing that will push you more than getting out of your comfort zone, so why not work on a project with someone you might normally see as a competitor. If you know of a business that offers products or services that are complementary to your own, get on board with them to promote something together. The more often you participate in JV’s, the more you’ll expand awareness of your business and its offerings.

Create More Products or Services

Diversifying your product or service range can help you expand and grow, too. For example, if you currently offer online training courses on how to do something, you could expand this to include one-on-one coaching services, DVD training courses, etc. Plus, as an added benefit you can charge more money and attract more clients.

Outsource More

A fast way to grow and expand is to simply get more and more clients. Of course, you’re only one person so you might need to outsource more work to others to ensure that you can accommodate more customers and clients. Oh and as much as our Indian friends would like it, outsourcing doesn’t mean sending your work offshore it simply means using someone else to provide that service, so you can outsource locally or wherever you like… the point being that it frees you up to secure more clients.

Teach What You Know to Others

If you have a skill that you can share with others, teach them to become successful like you, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it. It’s funny in that you think the complete opposite but you won’t create more competition even if you think that will happen. Instead, you’ll not only get more customers, but you’ll also be seen as more of an expert in your niche.

Write a Book

If you’re already an expert in something, the way to expand your expertise is to write a book on the topic. Then, use the book to promote your other products and services, you’ll earn from the book and from the added promotional opportunities the book provides and besides it also sets you apart from your competition.

Become a Speaker

Once you have a book, a course, and perhaps a coaching program, you can easily put yourself on the speaking circuit. Through paid speaking engagements you can get the word out about your business to a lot of people and finally solidify your expertise, nothing does this better than standing in front of a room full of people, entertaining them and teaching them about what you do.

Be Consistent and Persistent

If your business is already growing and expanding, just keep doing what you’re doing. At the end of the day, consistency and persistence pay off for every business model and if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

Network More Efficiently

Take a look at how you go about business networking, and who you’re networking with. You want to network strategically with potential joint venture partners, potential customers, as well as colleagues. As your business grows you will need to may need to move to other networking groups as your customers change and to seek out new opportunities.

Growing and expanding your business requires self-awareness of what you are doing and more importantly what you’re not doing to move forward. Occasionally assess your goals to ensure that you are on track to be where you envisioned you would be at a specific time. If you’re succeeding, keep on doing what you’re doing. If you’re behind, it’s okay; you just need to adjust what you are doing to get back on track.

The Key to Continual Business Growth and Expansion
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