As internet access speeds have increased dramatically over recent years so as the ease at which business owners can outsource work become easier and easier as carrying out these jobs remotely is now as easy as doing it in person. What’s really good about outsourcing nowadays is that you can create a lean, adaptive and mean business that expands and contracts as you need it to. This will enable you to compete with any business, no matter how large or small they are. Let’s go through some of the things you could outsource.

Customer Service

Often being too close or too involved in the business, which can mean you’re biased when it comes to providing the best possible customer service. Business isn’t supported to be emotional, however we’re all human and business can be very emotional when it’s about you. This means that outsourcing to someone else who will handle all of your customer service (sending only the hardest cases to you) will free up a lot of your time, that you can spend doing more productive things you enjoy doing.

Appointments and Reservations

If you travel a lot, outsourcing these tasks to someone else can free you from travel planning. You can simply hand it off to someone else and they’ll send you the schedule that you follow.

Email Management

We all know what a problem managing email is today, there is so much spam and it’s easy to miss important emails due to the sheer volume of emails. If you have over a couple thousand emails in your inbox now, you definitely need someone to help you manage it all and get things sorted out.

Online Research

Anytime you need to back up an opinion or you need proof about something you will need to conduct research. You can simply hand this off to someone else to do, for example, maybe you need to know how many people aged 25–30 earning $60K plus a year live in a particular community. Let your research assistant do this for you.

Content Writing

Everyone needs original content today on their blog, website, in their social media platforms, and more. Hiring someone to write the content for you is a great choice if you simply don’t want to or don’t have time.


If you have recorded meetings and interviews, then you need someone to create transcripts of them. Transcripts can help with search engine optimisation if you post them under the video or podcast. You can also turn the text into other useful products and information.

Social Media Marketing

Every business online and offline today needs to be using social media to marketing their business. It’s often confusing and can seem like a wasteful thing to do if you’re not sure about how to go about it. Hiring a social media marketing expert can work wonders for your business.

Graphic Design

It’s imperative to use images in social media, as well as on your website, in blog posts and other content, in fact these images often double the engagement rates such is there importance. Hiring a graphic designer can make all of your content that much more special, original and audience focused.

Website Development

Your website should be refreshed and changed often. If you have a website developer / designer on retainer they can not only keep your website secure and backed up, but they can also update it when you need it.

Basic Business Support

Pretty much anything that your current secretary can do, a virtual assistant can do remotely, other than fix your coffee. But, you can do that for yourself. The benefits of outsourcing are so strong that you should at least consider it.

To outsource successfully, start with one of the most pressing and time-consuming tasks that you really hate doing right now, or something that’s simply not getting done that needs to get done. Once that is working smoothly, move on to another task and remember that you’ll need different outsourcers for different tasks.

Ten Things You Can Outsource Today
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