When putting together the type of product you would like to create to sell in your business, you may require a number of team members in order to help you streamline your product creation process.

The Life of a Solo Entrepreneur

You may be a company of one at the moment. This means the buck stops and starts with you. This is not necessarily a bad thing. There needs to be some sort of driving force behind creating the product, and making sure that all of the moving parts have been delivered and are working correctly. From the first kernel of an idea, to product launch, you will be the most important team member in this process.

Creating an Ebook

Content Creator

When you are first starting out with product creation, you can start simply with just an ebook. However, you will need some help. You might not be a good writer, in which case you would need to hire a content writer for the team.

Content Editor

A professional editor can help you make sure that the product is of the highest quality.

Product Designer

You might need someone able to format the book for Kindle and other ebook readers, and who can create attractive PDFs as well.

Cover Designer

People really do judge a book by its cover, so this one tiny piece of the puzzle can make or break sales. Unless you use Photoshop for a living and/or have worked in publishing as a cover designer for several years, hire a team member to create the cover, and perhaps also banners and other promotional material you can use for marketing.

Product Marketer

No matter what kind of product you create, you need to market it. This means developing a marketing plan and following through. If you planned your product correctly, the marketing should be built right into the product, because you will have carried out good niche research and come up with a range of items your target audience really needs.

Solutions that work well and offer good value will give you a much better foundation for success than just coming up with ideas off the top of your head. Through your research, every product you create will have the best chance possible of selling well.

Social Media Marketer

You can outsource one or all parts of your marketing plan. Many business owners outsource their social media activity to keep it ticking over regularly with posts and promotions every day. You could hire one person to do all of it for you, or add members to your team who specialize in Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

Customer Service Assistant

You will need someone to act as a customer service assistant, to answer any questions and ensure all sales and downloads go smoothly and you don’t end up with any frustrated or angry customers. They will need to reply by email or through a ticketing system, answer any questions that arise, issue refunds as needed, and put out any forest fires that might blaze as a result of difficult customers.

If you’re selling your ebook on Amazon and through other ebook vendors, they will usually take care of the customer service for you. However, if you receive direct feedback from your target audience, you need to reply to it in a timely and sensitive manner.

Multimedia Products

So far, we have been talking about the most basic of products, the ebook. If you then start to add more elements to your product, you will need more team members.


You might need someone to shoot and edit videos, such as demonstrations, how-to’s and more.


People love audiobooks and podcasts. You might need a sound engineer to help get the best quality.

Decide which type of product you wish to create and then start assembling your team.

Team Members to Help Streamline the Product Creation Process
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