Team leaders are often put in the position to help with team building activities that will help their employees increase their self-awareness. They know that team members who feel good about themselves are able to focus better, take less time off and are generally better able to get along with their coworkers. On the other hand those with low self-awareness can make more mistakes, hesitate in doing their best and may even work slower.

The morale level of your workers should be addressed for ways to boost it. Group activities, motivational tools and individual learning exercises work well in building your team members self-worth.

Begin by demonstrating your trust in your employees’ abilities. Don’t micromanage since that gives the impression you don’t trust them to do their job. This will reduce their self-image. Instead give adequate training and trust them to do the job.

Be there to encourage their success and growth. Don’t thwart their efforts to better themselves just because you’re afraid of losing them. Encourage them to be the best they can be. Give them opportunities to further their training and education. As they become more educated, their self-awareness grows.

Recognize and reward success. A simple good job could be all they need to for better self-esteem.

Always give credit to whom credit is due. Nothing will deflate a worker faster than when they come up with a great idea, only to have someone else steal the idea. Be sure to credit the rightful idea owner when you pass along it along.

Sometimes you will need to hire outside help to help your team members build their self-awareness. There are many seminars, exercises and other activities you can do. Trained professionals will know how to motivate your workers.

Use personality assessment test to increase team members’ self-awareness. There are many available online. The Caliper assessment is one. Myers-Briggs is another.

Encourage employees to keep a written daily journal of their feelings and thoughts. Having a daily journal of their thoughts and emotions helps them become more aware of how they feel about certain situations.

Ask the meeker members for their opinions on decisions that have been made. This encourages them to examine how they feel and leads to greater self-awareness in time.

Set aside time to talk about issues your team members have and address the emotions they are having.

Have them try new experiences. Encourage them to explore unfamiliar roles or duties. Help them explore which roles to try and then follow through with helping them analyze their experience.

High levels of self-awareness helps your team members set better goals for themselves. They are more attuned to where they want to go and who they are. It can help them communicate better with team members and customers, leaders and managers.

Team Building Activities That Help Employees Increase Their Self Awareness
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