Many small business owners are scared of competition, when in reality the the truth is that most of us can’t do everything ourselves. This being the case, affiliate partnerships and joint venture partnerships, in which one or more entrepreneurs choose to work together, can be the perfect way to cover all the bases and make more revenue than ever before.

There are a number of ways to do this for quick, easy and interesting partnerships in order for you to both succeed. Here are six of the them.

An Email Marketing Swap

This is the easiest way to make money in a partnership and get to know if the partner is a worthwhile person to work with. You need to have an email marketing list, and so do they.

Create a special offer only for your partner. It might be an all-new product, or an existing one with a number of added attractive bonuses they can’t get anywhere else. Write the sales letter and set up a new order flow for people to purchase the special offer. Test the order flow carefully to make sure it works. Then give the marketing material to your prospective partner to email to their list.

In turn, get an “ad” from them and present the offer to your list. Split the revenue 50/50. If you sell well, great. If not, the partnership can dissolve. Before you send out the emails, be clear about who will be doing what to follow up and make sure all the customers are happy.

Give Away a Free Report or Course

Reports and ecourses are very popular, but they can take time to create. If you’re not a great writer, team up with one or more partners to write. You can also interview each other and then both sell the write-up or use it as a promotional tool. A free report, course or ebook can build your mailing list and credibility quickly.
Depending on who your partner is, it can also lend you authority in your niche to be seen side by side with that person.

Run a Contest Together

People love contests. More prizes and more entries means more exposure for your business. Give away copies of any freebies you created together, for even more exposure.

Create a Unique Video

Forget cookie-cutter and me-too marketing. Create unique videos that target your partner’s specific audience. They can be how-tos, snippets of interviews or webinars, and more.

A Multi-Partner Webinar

A webinar can be like an online class or like an infomercial, depending on who is hosting, what the topic is, and what your goals are. Capitalize on one another’s strengths. Run a webinar with you and your partner hosting different sections. Each of you will then promote the upcoming webinar in order to guarantee maximum attendance.

On the webinar, each person can either offer a special deal on one of their best products as a thank you for everyone who attends, or you can create a combined product that is unique and only available through the webinar.

Six Ideas for Affiliate Partnerships“Mystery Guest” Partnerships

Build up anticipation and create curiosity with a mystery guest partner. This generates excitement for your group and your guest will usually tell his/her audience about the upcoming event, so you will be sure to get good attendance/traffic. Repeat the process with you as the mystery guest.

Affiliate Partnerships can be easy to form if you both know your niche and are not in direct competition with one another. Try one of these ideas and see what a difference it makes to your business and profits.

Six Ideas for Affiliate Partnerships
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