As a single mom, you’re actually living in a wonderful time, there are so many ways that you can earn money in your own business as a single mom that there is really no reason to go get a normal nine to five job. But, you have to be realistic about how to make it work. It’s not always as simple as it is for others, due to the fact that you have children who are relying only on you.

Hopefully following these tips will make it a little easier.

Understand How Long You Can Really Work

How long you can work each day is very important. You don’t want to risk overscheduling or under-scheduling. Even if you can only work two hours a day, that’s okay. Acknowledge it and then plan accordingly.

Be Realistic about the Types of Tasks You Can Perform

If you have little kids who can’t be quiet, such as infants, you’ll need to realize that you cannot perform phone work, or work that requires you to wear earphones, or being quiet during the times they’re awake. And in the case of infants, you may never want to do anything like that.

Schedule Literally Everything

As a single mom you have a lot of responsibilities, so you’ll want to schedule everything. Put in your calendar every last thing you need to do for any given day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner times. Include reading time for the kids, exercise time, TV time and everything.

Hire a Mommy’s Helper

One way to work around your responsibilities, yet still be fully in charge of your kids, is to hire a mommy’s helper or an au pair. Since neither is ever really supposed to be fully alone with the children, you’re just getting extra help and hands to help with the children’s needs so that you can focus better on work.

Outsource Where You Can

Even if you don’t want to get help with your children, consider other types of help. You can outsource most of the work you want to do as long as it doesn’t need your personal touch. You can also outsource yard mowing, house cleaning, cooking and other household duties.

Set Financial Goals

Don’t forget to set goals for yourself with a way to achieve them. For example, if your goal is to make $100K a year, figure out how much work that is, and exactly what it will take for you to get there. If you charge 50 dollars an hour, you’ll need to work close to 40 billable hours a week. This might not be something that’s possible. You can raise your fee to compensate, or change something else.

Learn How to Say No

Most moms get asked all the time to do stuff. They get asked to join the PTA, lead girl scouts, and so much more. You probably have even been asked to watch sick kids for other moms due to your status as a work-at-home mom or a business owner. After all, you have unlimited time – right? Learn to say no to things that do not help you reach your goals.

Learn about All the Things You Can Do from Home

There are so many businesses you can start right from home, making it ideal for single moms. You can become a virtual assistant, graphic designer, transcriptionist, affiliate marketer, life coach, consultant and so much more depending upon your training, education, and background.

Single moms make excellent business owners. They are organized and motivated in ways that other people aren’t. Take that energy you have and parlay it into a lifestyle that works for you as a single mom, so you can still do all those important things that you love while also being the breadwinner.

Single Moms and Business: Top Tips on How to Make It Work
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