You’ve likely heard it before: “under promise and over deliver.” It’s become one of those quotes that everyone takes as true without even thinking about what it means or how it relates to their business. Nor do they often think about how much they may be putting into that one tip for a successful business. Let’s look at the pros and cons of over delivering on your promises.


When you please your customers, they’ll come back for more no matter what price points you sell products and services at. People like getting good products and feeling like they got a good deal.

You feel good about giving that little extra to your audience, because you know they’ll be surprised. You like the idea of them having their mouth open wide in surprise at how much value you deliver.

Your customer tells everyone about how awesome you are and how much you over deliver, giving you a great reputation with your audience.


You can be in danger of giving yourself too much work for the price you charged. If you are trying to give them so much value that you are blowing them out of the water, you have to watch out that you’re not reducing the value of your work.

Over delivering can become expected and normalized if you do it every single time you deliver work. For example, let’s say you’re a content writer, and because you were inspired one time you decide to add an eBook cover for your client. However, if you do it every time, they’ll start to expect it as part of your service.

You could be failing to create a true picture of what you’re offering your audience on your sales page due to fear of over promising. You should not be afraid of telling the truth about what you’re delivering to them. If you’re not blowing smoke, you should tout the benefits of your products to the rooftops.

Choosing when and how you’ll deliver that little extra something depends on the type of business you have, the relationship you have with your audience, and what’s expected. The truth is, today if you at least stick to whatever you promised on your sales page, people will be impressed. You don’t even have to go that far out in left field to over deliver enough to make your customers take notice of the value you offer.

The thing to remember is to provide what you promised to your audience. That’s the first thing you need to do. Whether you give that little extra bonus depends on your plans for moving them through your product funnel and what your specific audience expects. Just don’t get yourself into a situation where what you promised isn’t enough. It is enough.

Should You Over Deliver on Your Promises?
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