No matter who you are or what type of business you run, it’s always important to find as many ways as possible to show your customers how much you value them, appreciate them and love them. What’s amazing is that once you do this, they will return that love to you in various ways, such as giving you referrals, sharing your information, buying more and ultimately becoming devoted fans and a constant source of referral business.

Personalize Whenever You Can

When you personalize the services you give to your customers, they will notice. Sending an email with their name, and sending personal thank you notes with their names especially if the note is hand written, help build the relationship faster and make it much closer. Your customers understand that much personalization can be done automatically with today’s software, they still appreciate it and notice it.

Always Build Relationships

One way to build a relationship is to open communication so that it’s a two way streak. Ask them open ended questions, respond to their questions, and help the communication.  flow backwards and forwards. Make it super easy for them to contact you, otherwise it will be hard to build a relationship.

Call Them Personally

When someone spends a lot of money with you for the first time, a nice thank you phone call is always appreciated. Even if you just leave a voice message, they will know that you thought enough about them to thank them. It’s amazing how great a personal phone call can make people feel.

Offer Them Something Free

Even after someone makes a purchase, you can still offer freebies to them. Let’s say they purchased your amazing Weight Loss Cookbook. You could send them an easy to follow shopping list guide for free when they make the purchase.

Thank Them

Never pass up an opportunity to thank your customers. Thank them on social media. Thank them personally, and thank them on your blog. The more thanks you show to your customers, the more they’re going to trust you and want to buy more from you.

Send a Satisfaction Survey

One way to connect with your customers is to give them a little time to use whatever they purchased from you, then send them a survey that asks about their satisfaction and takes another opportunity to thank them.

Provide Excellent and Fast Customer Service

Your customers need as many ways to contact you as you can realistically provide. in other words don’t make it difficult for them. They need many ways to get service, from email to phone. Don’t make them spend time trying to figure out how to contact you and some of the worse culprits are online businesses that simply provide a contact form on a website… don’t do this, empower your customers and allow them to contact you via the means they feel the most comfortable using.

The more you can surprise and delight your audience, the better. Doing just a little something can make all the difference. Try to think outside the box about ways that you can please your customers, ways that are inexpensive to you but mean a lot to them.

Seven Ways to Love Your Customers
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