When you first started a business, you likely started with figuring out what audience you want to serve. But, sometimes after years of doing business that fact gets lost. It’s easy to start thinking of “me” instead of the customer. But, the customer is the heart of any business, and truly its only reason for existing. If you want to be around a long time, you will need to be conscious of that fact and always make your customers your first priority.


The more you can listen to your audience, the better. Start a private customer only Facebook group so that you can get better feedback from your customers. It’s a great way to engage with them, and you’ll really know them more, and what they want and need faster.

Meet Their Needs

When you know their needs, if it’s within your niche, it’s easy to fulfill those needs. If you can identify your customers’ top three fears, you can create many products and services based only on those and succeed in amazing ways.

Be Truthful

One of the worst things you can do for your audience is to lie to them, or mislead them. It can be hard to admit if you made a mistake or got something wrong, but if evidence shows that you did, then admit it. Your customers will appreciate the honesty.

Make It Simple

Never make anything hard for your customers. From unsubscribing to your lists, to sending you a question via email or your ticketing system, or contacting you in real time, don’t make this difficult. If you want to do well in business, you have to be open for business.

Hire the Right People

When you seek out employees or contractors, hire people who share your values and will represent your values to the best of their abilities. Don’t hire “yes” people either. Hire smart people who know their work and who aren’t afraid to tell you their thoughts and opinions.

Educate your Audience

Audience education can go very far in helping improve customer opinions of whether or not they’re a priority to you. For example, if you offer software, provide video training. If you provide any type of product or service that most people don’t use to its full advantage, you have a training opportunity.

Educate Your People

If you don’t express your desire to be consumer-centric, your staff may not realize how you want to do things. Explain your values to your contractors and to your audience. There should be no question about where you and your business stand.

Stay Positive

Even if someone gives you poor feedback, remain positive. Often, people let their emotions get carried away when they are critiquing a business. Remember, it is business, and it’s not personal even though it feels like it. Look through the personal attacks and find the meat of the problem when you reach out to them in a positive way.

If you really want to serve customers and make them your first priority, you need to genuinely feel that it’s true. Remember why you picked this audience to create products and services for. Remember what you love about them and why you started, and you’ll find that it’s easy to make them your priority.

Serve Customers by Making Them Your First Priority
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