A large part of project management is project planning. It’s important to set up the process in an orderly manner that considers all facets of the issues you may face. For example, visualizing the entire process can help you avoid issues that come up with one task having to be done before another task.

Let’s look at some tools that can help make the project planning process easier.


Many people love to use mind-mapping software to help plan the process of their projects. It’s great for individuals and teams to use so that they can visually see how their process works. What’s more is that since it’s cloud-based, you can share it with others easily as well as create presentations that will be visually stunning. It also integrates with project management tools so that you can manage your project once you’ve developed your mind map.

Link – https://www.mindmeister.com/


Many people are really good at following checklists. They are super-helpful in ensuring that once you set up steps you won’t miss them. This software at Forgett is very helpful in creating amazing checklists. They can be used to instruct, remind, and even share with others. You can make simple or complicated checklists that also look beautiful with animated gifs, images, and more.

Link – https://www.forgett.com/


This system gives you a way to use spreadsheets to plan, track, automate and report so that you can get everything done in an organized way. You can share everything with others on your team so that you can set accountability to the right people and keep everyone engaged in the entire process.

Link – https://www.smartsheet.com/


This is a way to ensure that you get stuff done. You can organize what everyone on your team is working on, when, where, and more. It works regardless of whether your team is in one building or located across the country. You can organize boards and then move things around as you wish easily, to make planning fast and easy.

Link – https://dapulse.com/


This software does a lot more than just help you with project planning, but it’s so important to understand that having a plan is just the beginning. This lets you make the plans, and then implement them too with a lot of extra features. The software connects to every department so that no one is ever in the dark about who is doing what, when, and how.

Link – https://www.worketc.com/


Planning projects in a visual way can help you see it through to the end with the deliverables, because you can see what has been done, what’s not done, and who is responsible. Their planning software helps synchronize road maps for multiple teams and projects, and tracks the progress too.

Link – https://www.targetprocess.com/solutions/planning-and-tracking/

MindView 7

This software can be downloaded and used on your own server, or you can use their cloud version for a monthly charge. It offers mind-mapping software, the ability to export to Word, and more. You can create outlines, mind maps, timelines, and even Gantt charts. It works with MS Office products and has numerous other features that help with planning and implementation.

Link – https://www.matchware.com/buy


Using Asana’s online project management software will enable you to set up a timeline and responsibilities for any project. There is no team member limit for the paid option, and one thing that’s useful is the ability to set task dependencies. It can help you avoid bottlenecks when you can visualize those situations better.

Link – https://asana.com/

These project tools for the planning process of all your projects are very helpful. The one you pick depends on your preference. Some people like lists, some people like spreadsheets, and some people prefer mind maps. None of them are wrong, but something is needed to ensure that you get the project completed in a timely manner without too many problems.

Project Management Tools to Aid You in the Planning Process
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