Being productive in business can sometimes seem impossible. People are always interrupting you, social media gets distracting, sometimes even Law & Order: SVU can be distracting when you don’t have a system in place to keep yourself on track. Using mobile apps to help you with your productivity is a great place to start.


This app allows you to access content on your desktop computer using your mobile device to do so. You may need this if you leave information on your computer hard drive for security purposes instead of leaving it in the cloud.

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Sometimes you need to sign documents online and you’re not on your PC. Use this app to accomplish that and create legally binding signatures easily from any location. This is an app for the iPhone.

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Waiting on hold sucks. That’s the easiest way to put it. It simply is horrible and a terrible time waster. But with LucyPhone you no longer need to wait; you can use this app when you’re put on a long hold and you’ll be rung back when the hold is over.

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You can save all sorts of information securely on Pocket and access it later using your mobile device. You can then view the information you save while waiting at the doctor, at the airport, and even during your flight.

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OfficeSuite Professional

With this mobile app you can view, edit, create, and more any MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file on the go with your mobile device. It works with Android systems and has won awards for speed and ease of use.

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This mobile app works for people who need to schedule jobs, manage workers, update customers and more remotely. You can work from the job site or from the office using any device. You can even create and send an invoice from your phone.

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This has to be one of the most effective productivity apps in the world. Seriously, it will change your life if you download it and use it across all your devices to keep information at your fingertips.

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Even PayPal has a terrific internal invoicing system and a way to take payment on the go. You can put an attachment on your mobile device, or you can just send the invoices to their email which they can pay on the spot.

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This software on your mobile device puts inside your pocket the ability to organize everything you need to do by task. It’s easy to use and goes everywhere and works on all types of devices. And, it’s free.

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If you really want to be productive as a small business owner, use apps that help you work in the way that works for you. Take some time to take note of what might help you, and then do a search for an app to see if one exists.

Productivity Mobile Apps for Business
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