I am often asked where do you find the contractors you use online. It doesn’t matter if your business is online, offline or a combination of both, every business should utilize contractors. There are now thousands of people who want to work from home, as their own boss so there is never any trouble finding people who can do almost anything you can think of and need to have carried out in your business.


This is a really organized platform which you not only list your needs on, but also pay the contractors through. This is a great way to put your toe into hiring contractors because they help you screen the people. Plus, they deal with any tax issues and payment issues… this used to be a favourite of mine.


This is another system really a lot like Upwork.com, and it works the same way. You find people by posting your listing, and then waiting to see who offers the best deal to you with the most experience and expertise.


This is a little different because outsourcers don’t bid on jobs, but you’ll likely find a higher quality person on this type of site. Remember that low price is not the important point. Whether they can do the job or not is what’s important.


This is one of the oldest job sites on the internet. Mostly you’re going to find offshore help in the technology area here. If you want someone to build you an app, this is a great place to find that person.


This platform prides itself on having outsourcers who have been properly vetted, so you know you can trust them. You’ll first sign up for an account, then list your task, wait for responses and then choose someone.


This is a membership website for writers, and they also accept listings for free from people who are searching for writers. You should list your price range, and as much information as you can for the position.


This is a membership community for virtual assistants who are usually very high quality. If you need any manner of VA to do any manner of tasks, from technical to basic, you can find them here.

Newspaper Ads

You can actually post for a contractor to do various projects right in your local newspaper. Today there are many virtual workers in all cities in all states and countries who would be thrilled to apply for local work.

Online Job Boards

You can even list your opening for a contractor on any online job board that exists. The trick is to ensure that you write up the listing clearly and concisely, and are specific about what you want and what you’re willing to pay.

You can literally find people who want to work from home as a contractor right in your own office if you have one, contractors don’t have to be overseas in fact I’m a firm believer in giving as much work to local people. Oh and I’m currently using People Per Hour, Google that if you want to see who I’m currently placing work through … although they are pretty much of a muchness and you often get what you pay for.

Places to Find Contractors
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