Five Reasons to Start a Membership Site

Many people are creating membership sites to make extra money, and they’re doing it because it works. Membership sites are one of the best ways to make money on the internet. Think about it – even companies like are offering a membership to get your items shipped faster and enable you to view unlimited videos. If membership didn’t work, they would not try it. 1. It’s the Best Way

Coach Resources and Tools 

As a coach you need to keep a lot of information for yourself and your clients organized so that you can use your time wisely during each coaching session – whether it’s one-to-one coaching or group coaching. Thankfully, today there are a lot of different resources and tools that you can use as a coach. You don’t need to create everything from scratch anymore; you can use actual tools of

Advantages and Disadvantages of Starting a Consulting Business

Have you worked in the office drudgery long enough and want to branch out on your own? Consulting is becoming a more popular option, especially since the internet has made long-distance communication and working from home so much easier. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages or starting a consulting business to help you make your decision. Advantages 1. You are your own boss. Even if you have the greatest

Life Coaching – Certification or No Certification 

This is a question people ask all the time for all kinds of careers. From secretarial work to construction, people want to know if they need to be certified or not. Well, in the life coaching world there is no requirement that you get certified, but there are some distinct advantages to investing in certification if you want to start a profitable coaching business. Certification or no certification will depend

Protecting the Integrity of your Business and Intellectual Property

You’ve done your research and perfected your business plan. That wondrous document secured your funding and all your plans have come to fruition. You’re now a small business owner. As you hang out your shingle and proclaim yourself open for business, consider this sobering fact: there is another professional of sorts, right next door to you (literally or virtually, which means this person could be anywhere), who has hung out

How to Network when you don’t really want to

How to Network when you don’t really want too! It never ceases to amaze me how many people are afraid of speaking to people they don’t know, they are frightened to walk up to people and introduce themselves and the thought of public speaking terrifies them. Well, read on we’ve all been there and overcome these obstacles and the following tips should enable you to become a master networker. Speak

Nine ways to gain new customers

We all run different businesses and do different things, however we all need clients, let me share with you some of the things you can do right now to attract new clients. Do something Different To do the things you have always done and to expect different results is crazy, we have all heard this so let’s do something different in our sales and marketing. You will reach new people

Common Business Networking Mistakes

 Common Business Networking Mistakes I love to network, I gain business and new customers from business networking and yet, lots of people are frightened to network, here we list some of the most common mistakes to help you improve your levels of success from networking. Business Networking Mistake – Being unprepared How many times have you been at a business networking event and having been introduced, thought I must get

Have You Bought a Donut Recently?

It never ceases to amaze me how easily we trust others, we tend to believe what they say and especially so if they tell us something we want to hear. For instance how many reading this article would like me to double or treble their online sales? And, how about I do this for just five thousand dollars… and to cap it off, I’ll ensure you are found on the first

My Website designer has asked for content, but what is it?

I’ve been designing websites for twenty years now and in all this time, there is one phrase that seems to make grown men and women shake and look horrified. It will make an otherwise smooth running and easy project, jump off the tracks and go in to the too hard to  do pile … and this phrase is simply… we’re ready for the website content now, can you please provide


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