There are as many ways to follow up as there are business models, and in this article, we’ll discuss the most popular and most effective of these.

Phone Call

A simple phone call is probably the easiest and most common way to follow up with potential customers, clients or business associates. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone and carries it with them everywhere, so the chance that your follow up call will be answered by a live person is good.

When following up via phone, remember to keep it light and happy, addressing the reason for your call immediately. In today’s day and age, people are wary of telemarketers and telesales, so it will behoove you to get right to the point and let the recipient of the call know that you’re a trusted business contact calling for a specific reason.


If your intended recipient is unavailable, you may be forced to leave a message on their voicemail. Again, keep it light and friendly, and state the reason you’re calling, i.e. “Hi Joe, this is Nancy White. I’m just calling to follow up on — and you can reach me at —- to discuss it further. Thanks!”


Responding to an inquiry via email is becoming a more and more effective way of performing business follow up, because of the increase in smartphone use. By sending an email, your recipient is very likely notified immediately on their phone, and they can read and respond as they are available. The downside of email is that it’s easier to ignore an email than a phone call.

Thank-you Card

With the popularity of electronic communication having gained speed in the past few years, thank you cards sent through the mail are almost non-existent. This is where you can really make an impression! Send a small card, handwritten, to show your appreciation and you’ll have a customer for life!


On special occasions or around the holidays, a small gift can be an excellent way to follow up with clients and customers, and even those business associates you appreciate. Even a $5 gift will stick out in the mind of someone who isn’t expecting it!

Promotional Items

Interesting and useful promotional items are available very inexpensively. You can have your business logo printed on these items, and send them along with your follow up in the mail. A pen or notepad is a great item that won’t break your advertising budget, and is something that will keep your name in front of your customer.

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