Live chat is a platform that enables your customer service team to send someone a message and talk to them via a chat program (text) on your website, right on the page the customer or visitor happens to be on. You can trigger the chat to be announced if the visitor tries to leave the page, or you can leave it open for anyone to use anytime a chat customer service operator is present.

The short answer to the question of whether it is wise to use live chat services is yes. Here are the reasons why.

It’s Less Expensive Than Phone Support

You can contract with various companies or you can hire a couple of virtual assistants to handle your live chat support services a lot easier than you can employ a call center. The technology is super simple to install and you can be up and running before you know it.

You’ll Make More Sales

By having someone available to speak to when a site visitor has questions, you’ll actually end up making more sales. Getting to people when they’re in a buying state of mind is an important way to improve sales.

Customers Will Love It

You may not be aware, but a lot of customers don’t even like talking on the phone. The new way of communication is going to text messages because they can handle these messages without having to speak to anyone. It helps customers give thought to what they want to say and they don’t have to give anyone 100 percent attention and they can multitask. Good or not, this is what customers are going to.

Helps You Talk to the Customer Right When They’re Experiencing Their Pain Point

The great thing about live chat is that on any page of your site, the chat can be available. This means that right at the time your customer is feeling the pain of their problem, your customer service agent can talk to them via chat.

Helps Your Team Solve Problems Faster

You’ll have records of chats so you can look them over to discover any problem that is repeating itself. Plus, any team member can see any chat from the same person so that the customer doesn’t have to repeat anything, which gets things done faster.

Provides a Competitive Advantage over Your Competition

Every website is not using live chat customer service features yet. So, if you offer it, that will set you apart from your competitors in a way that will garner you more trust from visitors.

Enables You to Reach More Fence Sitters

Sometimes when someone is at your website, they’re just not sure yet. Having the option to talk to someone in live chat might help them get answers faster, which may help them choose to make a purchase faster.

Better Information about Your Customers

By offering customer service live chat, you’ll get to know your customers even better. You’ll be able to collect more questions that you may not have answered or thought of in your FAQ.

If you think about it, if you have enough site visitors it’s unwise not to use live chat services for support. You’ll increase sales, reduce confusion and it might even help you get to know your customers better. There are lots of chat services available… some can be installed as plugins within your WordPress website… others are externally hosted.

Is It Wise to Use Live Chat Services to Provide Customer Support?
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