Ensuring you have ethical staff members starts from the moment you list the job, keeps going through the interview process, and continues during the training process and throughout each employee’s lifetime with your company. Thankfully, there are ways to make sure that you hire ethical staff members. It just takes a little extra effort.

Start with your job listing by stating exactly what type of person you want to hire. In the job listing, include the entire process that the employee will need to go through to get hired – making it clear exactly what ethics are important to your company. You can ask questions pertaining to ethics as part of the application process or during the interview.

Questions to Ask

Here are a few questions you may want to ask.

1. When have you observed theft at a place of employment and what did you do about it?

This question doesn’t ask “if” but “when.” That way they feel comfortable talking about it and what they did. You can also provide examples of what has happened in other companies or even yours in the past, and ask them what they’d do in that situation. The trick is to be silent and let them answer.

2. When have you observed sexual harassment in the workplace and what did you do about it?

This question again is designed to make it okay to talk about issues that have happened. You’re not asking them to tell you where they worked, but when they’ve witnessed the issue. You can use this question for other issues too. Again, you can also provide a scenario, giving an example of something that is subtle sexual harassment to find out if they realize it is or not.

3. When have you done anything at work that caused you to have a guilty conscience? What did you do about it?

This gives them an opportunity to talk about calling in sick when they’re not sick, or some other issue that caused guilt. Remember that the goal is that you want people to be honest – not people who are perfect. Asking for perfection is not going to get you an ethical employee; it’s going to get you an unethical employee who will lie to keep a job.

Administer a Professional Ethics Test

There are testing companies who can handle some of the ethics testing for you, using a combination of personality, aptitude, and skills testing. These are designed by professionals to weed out dishonest applicants. One company you can go to is Criteria Corp Pre-Employment Testing.

Link – https://www.criteriacorp.com/solution/index.php

They have customized testing that can be given on site or remotely, providing immediate results so that you can understand who you’re hiring better. But, you can also design your application, interview process, and training to emphasize your desire for ethical staff members every step of the way.

Interview Questions to Ask to Ensure You Hire Ethical Staff Members
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