There are many areas where you can make improvements, utilizing “user experience” as your guide. From creating your website to creating the products you promote to your users, their experience should be paramount. After all, everything you do is for your ideal customer, not for everyone else. Therefore, everything about user experience needs to be studied and tested from your ideal customer’s perspective.


How often have you heard that your website should appeal to your ideal customer, chances are you have heard of it as most people have. The problem is that most businesses fail to act on it and lose out as a result. One way to accomplish this is to create a profile of your ideal customer down to creating an entire persona for someone who would look like and act like your customer. If more than one person is involved in the buying process, a husband and wife for example, create two separate profiles for them as each person may be different. This is especially important when selling business to business as a purchasing officers requirements might be different from the actual end user who wanted the item ordered.

Once you understand who your idea customer/s is, then create everything just for them. Of course, once you conduct studies you’ll know more, but this is a start. You want to use colors, fonts, design, and make it usable for your ideal customer in a way that no one else does.

Social Media

When your ideal customer goes to your social media, do they know it’s you immediately? Can they tell because their experience matches their experience on other platforms? While you cannot control various social media platforms, you can still control a lot of their experience within your groups and on your pages. Create good design and respond promptly when asked a question. Engage with your users as much as you can.


When your ideal customer downloads or buys your physical product, make the experience pleasant. Create special packing or create a member area so that all their purchases are in one place and they won’t get confused. Give them plenty of information and training on each product they buy.


When you serve your customers by performing a service, they should feel as if it’s a seamless experience. The more you can cut down on confusion, the better. For example, set up a project management system that they can easily access to assign work, give them due dates, and be explicit in how things should be done for better organization. But, make it very simple for them based on their own experience.

Sales Pages

When your ideal customer goes to your sales page, they should feel as if they are being addressed directly. You should not concern yourself with whether your words are upsetting people outside of your ideal customer. Instead, narrow down and zone in on your ideal customer using the language that they’ll most respond to, talking about the things they’re most concerned with.

Shopping Carts

A shopping cart can only be controlled so much due to it being an outside platform. But the best way to choose your shopping cart is by considering what they’re accustomed to using. When you match your choice to what most of your customers want to use, you’ll end up getting a much better result and therefore make more sales.


When you decide to start a member site, it’s important to think about what your audience really wants. If you study them well enough, you’ll know whether dripping member materials or giving it to them all at once is best, and the type of design that will work best with them to help improve your ROI.

Calls to Action

When you design your CTAs, that’s another time where you should be way more concerned with what your audience wants than what everyone else wants. What type of CTAs work best with your ideal client? Do they prefer big buttons, action-oriented phrases and words, or something else?

Buying Experience

Once your ideal customer has purchased something, how do they feel about it after? How is your product packaged? Can they understand how to access it and use it? Do they get follow-ups that are relevant to their purchase? What about product training? Would they describe the experience as simple and straightforward or would they say it was confusing?

Customer Service

One place where being focused on user experience really pays off is within customer service. How do you deal with customer complaints? How do you upsell to your customers? How do you get them to engage with you? All of these factors come into play when it comes to your return on investment.

When you figure out what your ideal customer wants and needs and how they want it delivered, and in what form, you’re going to outshine your competition in ways you may not have considered, Being customer-centric in all aspects of your niche from A to Z will increase your ROI exponentially, so it’s more than worth it to study your users’ experience.

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