So, you’ve thought about your business, picked your niche, and now you’re ready to get started. Before you start, do go your favorite search engine and enter your key terms in. Chances are, you’re going to find quite a few hits for your search. These are all people you’re going to be competing with. The key to succeeding in your business is having a USP – a unique selling point. This is what sets you apart from all those other business. It’s why your customers choose you over the other guys.

Sure, other things matter when it comes to getting business – marketing, service, prices, and a good dose of luck. But a USP is that special kick that puts you above everyone else. Plus, if you have a great USP, you can base everything else around it.

So, you know the point of having a unique selling point, but that doesn’t make it any easier to come up with one. It may take days or even weeks, but once you figure it out, it’ll be worth it.

When thinking up a USP, start with what you do best. If you’re not really a people person, then great customer service probably shouldn’t be the basis or your USP. While it doesn’t need to be based solely around your strengths, you’ll only benefit if it is.

Perhaps a bigger issue to consider when coming up with your USP is what your customers need. Providing a special service is great, but not if there are already many other companies that provide similar services (hence the “unique”). It’s also not going to be helpful if no one really wants or needs the special service you offer.

Many people can get frustrated coming up with a special touch to promote their business. Just remember that it doesn’t need to be crazy or elaborate. It can be simple, almost obvious – it just has to be different.

If you’re having trouble, just take a turn being a customer for a competitive business. After trying it out, decide what’s good about their business and what needs improvement. Now focus on what needs fixing and promote yourself by being able to do what they can’t. You see it all the time on commercials, when companies say they’re “softer than the leading brand” or “tastes the same with less sugar”. Stand out by making their flaws your USP.

A USP is a great way to reel in customers and keep them around, but there’s no way to reel them in if you can’t get a bite. You need a marketing campaign based around your USP. Don’t just use it as a line at the end of your commercial or at the bottom of your sales letter, find a unique advertising campaign based around your specific USP. That way, your advertisements will not only get your name out there, they’ll also let people know exactly why they should choose you over the other guys.

Importance of a Unique Selling Point
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