As a business owner you’re obviously building your business, however as your business grows, you will find some things more difficult than others. In my opinion the number of thing people have the most difficulty with is dealing with criticism. Much of this criticism will come in the form of customer support emails, social media comments, online reviews and telephone calls. Because you’re so involved and close to your business, it can often be hard to keep your cool and do what you need to do when you’re so personally tied to the outcome. That’s where a customer support virtual assistant can come into their own.

Addresses Customers Fast

A dedicated customer support VA will handle any issues faster than you will. If you are like me, you will focus too much on the negative parts, while a VA will not be emotionally tied to the outcome other than wanting to keep the customer happy and to provide the best support experience possible. This enables them to deal with the situation faster and more efficiently than you.

Takes Out Emotions

You’re too close to your business and are the last person who should deal with any complaints. The reason is that it will be very hard for you not to feel hurt almost as if it’s a personal complaint against you. You will also find it hard not to dwell on the bad information, and to place too much importance on this one issue. You might even focus too much on being right and often argue with the customer, and we all know that to win an argument with a customer often results in you losing that customer. A customer service VA will focus on the issue at hand and not feel any of the emotions you will feel. You’ll keep your customer happier, and you won’t even know about it or feel bad about it.

Makes the Customer Feel Important

Aside from the emotional aspects of customer support, there are other logistical issues. You as the business owner need to stay busy making money for your business doing your core business skill, not handling trouble-shooting issues and customer questions. Believe it or not, having a specialist person handling customer service so that they get their answers faster will improve your relationship with your customers, even if it’s not you dealing with your customers.

It Costs More to Get a New Customer

When it comes down to dollars and cents, the fact is that it costs a lot more to find and win a new customer than it does to keep the ones you have. If you devote some of your resources to customer care, you’ll find that even when problems arise, your customers are often happier and more likely to give you another chance when their issues are resolved in a timely manner.

It Reflects Well on Your Business

Instead of pushing customer care to the bottom of the list of what gets done each day, having a specialist handling customer support will make your business look bigger, better and more successful than it might actually be. This can help your dreams come true because audience perception often becomes reality.

Helps You Finish Your Job

Attracting a customer to your products and services is only part of your job when it comes to pleasing your audience. You also need to retain customers, and having dedicated customer service help will increase customer retention and increase the lifetime value of each customer that you have.

How much you give your customer support VA to do will depend on your business and your budget. But, you’ll be surprised at how much less expensive it is to hire someone to handle these issues than it is to do it yourself. Remember you don’t have to hire a VA in another country, local VA’s can be hired, the choice is yours. This means you can spend more time on the things you do best, and not get tied into the emotions that dealing with negativity can cause a small business owner.

Many small business owners skip hiring customer support personnel, and that is a big mistake. Keeping your customers happy is imperative if you want to grow a strong business. The best way to do it is to hire a professional, set the standards, and let them do what they do best; keep your customers happy.

Ignorance Is Bliss – Hiring a Customer Support Virtual Assistant
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