Personality affects your ability to reach your goals because everyone has behavior, intelligence, and personal differences that help motivate them in various ways. Understanding the types of characteristics that successful people share, and understanding your own personality, can go far in helping you leverage your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.

How Your Personality Affects Your Ability to Reach Your Goals

While there is some controversy over personality tests such as the Myers Briggs Type Personality Indicator, these have over 90 years of use by all types of institutions, organizations, and businesses to help their members and employees get along with each other, and improve their own growth so they can reach their goals. But when it comes to goal setting, there are basically (according to the DISC profile system) four personality types that affect it.

Decisive Personality

This type of person likes to get things done but they often have trouble setting and achieving goals because it’s hard for them to think in a big picture way. Thinking about long-term goals feels overwhelming. For this type of personality, breaking down large goals into smaller goals with a very specific timeframe will help tremendously.

Interactive Personality

This type of person usually likes to please people. They love to dream about big giant goals and have no trouble breaking them down. But they have a few issues with prioritizing which is most important. If you’re in this personality, you need to create a list of things to do with a specific plan and timeline. Using Google Calendar or another electronic calendar that offers reminders will be helpful, so you don’t get distracted.

Stabilizing Personality

This type of personality hates changes, therefore goal setting makes them very uncomfortable because things will change. It will help you to focus on the benefits you’ll receive by reaching the goal instead of focusing on the overarching goal. Set small steps to the goal so there isn’t much change all at once and you avoid procrastination.

Cautious Personality

This type of personality, while careful, wants to do everything and accomplish everything. That means they need to be reined in to focus on one thing at a time. Writing down very specific steps and focusing on why you want to accomplish it is very important, so you don’t get carried away and do too much and get burned out.

Myers Briggs –
DISC profile system –

You can also take a free test online at to find out about your own personality in a deeper way.

Link –

While this is a shorter version of the Myers Briggs Type Personality Indicator it is also very accurate, and you can do it free. Be as honest as you can when you take the test. Don’t answer how you wish you were. Answer how you are, because every person has their strengths and weaknesses. There is no “bad” personality.

How Your Personality Affects Your Ability to Reach Your Goals
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