We all feel stress sometimes. Stress is the natural response of our body to help us deal with difficult situations. Without it, we would be unable to survive. The problem is that nowadays, most people have too much of it. This can not only be detrimental to your health, it can also hurt your business. That’s why it’s a good idea to figure out what stressors are causing you problems in your business and lessen them so you can be more productive and effective.

If you are having trouble losing weight, doctors will often recommend you keep a food diary. If you are having stomach issues, they’ll have you record food and digestive symptoms. Pain problems? Again, record your pain and anything that might trigger it.

If you’re having trouble with getting stressed, why not keep a stress diary? This can help you figure out not only what is causing you stress, but also what the most effective way to deal with it is.

Your doctor or other health professional can often provide you with a stress diary. There are also many journal templates available for you to download online. If you don’t want to bother with these journals, or can’t find one you like, you can simply make your own using a binder or notebook. Just remember to include a few key variables.

– What stressor you have faced

– How stressed you are. It’s usually recommended to use a number scale instead of descriptive words. This way you can easily compare different stressors and their effectiveness.

– Physical symptoms of stress.

– What you did to ease your stress.

– How well it worked.

Once you’ve kept your stress diary for a while, you can then start analyzing it by looking at your stress and looking for patterns. It might help you figure out what stresses you out the most or what coping technique works best for you. You may also find things you didn’t think you would, for example that you are less stressed in the evenings or around meal time.

The key in using a stress diary is actually doing something with the information you learn. If you’re lucky, you will find a simple solution, like using a coping method to stressors that seems to work better than others. Then you can simply use this method and reduce your work stress.

While it may seem to be a bit complicated, stress diaries are fairly simple once you get the hang of them. This will not only help you work more effectively, it can also improve your health and even save your life.

If you are having trouble finding patterns and useful information in your stress diary, you might try taking it to a doctor or psychologist. They can not only help see issues, they can also help recommend more effective coping techniques for dealing with your stressors.

Once you figure out what causes you stress and how to best deal with it, you’ll find yourself working and feeling better.

How to Use Stress Diaries to Identify Your Work Stresses
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