Every single business of every possible size spends more money on acquiring new customers than on keeping existing customers. As a business owner you can reduce costs and substantially increase turnover by turning the customers you already have into repeat buyers, turning your product cycle into a never ending circle by expanding your customer lifecycle, in “to infinity and beyond”… (As Buzz Lightyear would say).

Let’s look at how you turn Customers into Repeat Buyers?

Turning Customers into Repeat Buyers

Create Great Products

One of the very best things you can do is to create great products, from the freebies you give away to your most highly priced product, try to ensure everything is top-notch and of high quality. If you are known for great quality products, word of mouth gets around and of course someone that buys one item from you, then trusts that the next product they will purchase will be of a similarly high quality.

Excel At Customer Service

No matter how good quality your product is, sometimes things go wrong and it’s your job to accept responsibility and clear it up with customer centric service, by doing so some faults will often be overlooked and you’ll gain lifelong fans and repeat customers.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

Your sales pages and content that promotes your product should avoid too much puffery, especially as most people don’t believe it anyway. The aim being that when your customer gets your product it should be more, than they thought it would be according to your sales pages and sales copy.

Segment Your Customers

Once someone buys from you and become a customer, it’s important to move them through your product funnel. And the best way to do that is to segment them by what they’ve already purchased, marketing to them only what they have not purchased.

Build Relationships with Customers

Speak to your customers, develop relationships with them because once a customer buys from you, the sales cycle (relationship) shouldn’t end, the relationship should just be starting and the best businesses with the most repeat customers are those that talk to their customers.

Create inner circles and mastermind groups, and even closed Linkedin groups to help you build better relationships with customers. Offering customers an insider’s view of your business and communication with you will endear them to you in ways, which other methods won’t.

Offer Specials for Current Customers Only

So often, sales revolve around only new customers but this is a huge mistake in my opinion, reward your existing customers. Offer these customers discounts, bonuses, and opportunities that are not offered to anyone else so that they feel valued and appreciated.

Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

Even though you’ve already attracted your audience and they’ve bought products from you, you’ll still need to ensure that you work on being very different from your competition so that you don’t lose that customer.

Creating repeat buyers involves a lot of effort, thought and consideration to your customer’s life cycle, your product funnel, and the quality of the merchandise you create. It’s a mixture of everything working together that keeps customers buying over and over again and that turns a one off customers into a repeat buyers.

Turning Customers into Repeat Buyers
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