Women generally have different leadership styles from men, many women in business try to emulate men instead of being themselves. This is a mistake in my opinion as it doesn’t translate well for others.

While it can be awesome at times to be seen as a hard nosed business leader, you might want to tone it down a bit if your audience needs a different type of leader. Why not tap into your feminine strengths as a successful woman in business?

Be More Democratic

Instead of leading with an iron fist, lead with an open mind and heart. Allow discussions to form a consensus when decisions need to be made. Sometimes leading from behind is better than dragging people around. Let your team do what they do best, and as long as you can vocalize your objectives and goals, it will work out.

Participate More

The worst leaders make demands and never get into the trenches. Great leaders aren’t afraid to get dirty and participate with their teams, making sure everything works out great. While you don’t want to spend as much time as your team on this, because your team knows what they’re doing, don’t be afraid to get dirty.

Cultivate the Skills of Others

When you bring someone on to your team, don’t just let them languish away. Point out training to help them. Tell them when they’ve done a great job, and let them know where they can improve. Push people who need it, support people who need it and count on them because you picked a great team.

Motivate Your Team

Successful women managers also tend to be more motivational to their team and to their audience. They enjoy nurturing good feelings in others and seek to find ways to do so. As a successful woman in business, you are likely motivating a lot of people.

Be a Resource

As someone who knows how to make good connections, you can be a valuable resource to others even if you cannot help them directly. Knowing where to point people to is a good skill to have and one that women tend to foster.

Care about the Public Good

While this is not true 100 percent of the time, a high number of successful business people of both sexes tend to like helping out the public good with their work. Women are often more tuned into what is needed than men – not due to their sex, but due to their position in life and their social connections.

Give Authentic Feedback

When someone asks you for feedback about anything they’ve done or want to do, it’s imperative that you are honest and transparent in your advice. Even if you don’t think they want to hear it, always tell them the good first, then the bad, then add in a little more good. Most of all, be authentic and honest.


This is often a natural position for women. They teach their young, they teach their partners, and they know that they have to teach people how to treat them by example. As a business owner, you can teach your audience about their problems and provide the solutions. But, you can also teach your staff, family and friends about what you need from them so that you can do even better.

As a woman in business, you are in a unique situation that will soon not be unique at all. Women are going to college, starting more businesses, and entering public life today at a higher rate than men. The truth is, all of these so-called feminine traits for successful business women describe the “transformational” leadership style, and both men and women can do it. It’s the most successful form of leadership that exists and you can be part of it too.

How to Tap into Your Feminine Nature as a Successful Woman in Business
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