Many businesses face fierce competition but you shouldn’t let the thought of competition scare you away from a business you love and a niche you can excel in. Instead, let the competition be your motivation to do better for your audience. If you try to be a little better each day, always putting your customer first, it won’t be long before you leave your competition in the dust.

Be More Clear about Your Audience

Keep studying your audience so that you know them like the back of your hand. This should be a continual process because the clearer you are about your audience, the more you can focus your marketing efforts to reach this audience. Being more focused will generate more sales and opportunities.

Laser Focus on Your Niche

Being super clear about your audience will also help you know which products and services to offer because you’ll know the problems that you need to help your audience solve.

Provide Superior Customer Care

Customer-centric care is an important component of being better and more successful than your competitors. People understand that people / businesses make mistakes and they don’t really care provided that you offer great customer care to deal with the problem. In fact, a solved problem can often turn an otherwise satisfied customer into someone that sings your praises to all that will listen. Your task is to offer the very best in customer care and always remember that any argument you win with a customer will always result in a lost customer.

Make It about Them, Always

It’s never about you, your business or even your products and services other than what you, your business and your products or services can do for your audience. Everything you say or do must be focused on them, your audience and not you.

Offer Better and More Payment Options

If your client can pay in more than one way, you can attract new members of your audience who may not have been able to order from your competitors due to the limited payment options. Perhaps they need a financing option if your product is costly.

Establish Yourself as the Go to Expert

The more you can appear as the expert in things your audience reads, listens to or watches, the better. Put yourself out there as an author, speaker, and interview guest, it’s much easier than most people imagine.

Be More Helpful and Free with Information

On social media, forums, and even in private email, be helpful and demonstrate your knowledge by giving away some of your information for free. The more helpful you are to people, the more you’ll differentiate yourself from your competition and the more people will gravitate towards you.

Study Your Metrics

Try out different sales pages, eBook covers, prices, and product titles and so forth so that you can create numbers to study. Throw out what doesn’t work, and double down on what is working for you and your audience.

The most important aspect of leaving your competition in the dust is creating a plan with written goals and deadlines and then acting upon it. To be better than your competition you have to do more of what they do right. You also have to identify the things they’re not doing that can make you that much better, and then find a way to do it even if that means lots of hard work because in the end you’ll reap the rewards.


How to Set Yourself on the Fast Track and Leave Your Competitors in the Dust
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