If you want to secure clients, keep clients and turn one off clients into sources of continual revenue and ongoing referrals, then nothing is more important than ensuring that the communication you have with your clients is productive. There are numerous ways to communicate with your clients, they encompass words and actions. Most often words are either written or spoken, but for all communications this holds true, your actions speak volumes above the words that you use. Ensure that your actions back up your words for the most effective form of communication. Here are a few tips:

Engage Your Clients

There are lots of ways you can engage your clients regularly, from a private Facebook group, to open office hours, to monthly Skype calls, to answering emails quickly to running a meetup group just for clients. The more you engage with your clients and the more they feel that you’re open to communication, the better your relationship will be with them.

Show Empathy to Your Clients

Sometimes, especially when a client is complaining about something, it can be hard to be empathetic and to stop yourself reacting to negative feedback. But, you must always put yourself in your client’s shoes and look at things from their perspective in every interaction. When a client reacts badly to something, don’t respond to their poor behavior; respond to the actual problem, they will feel heard and it will help.

Ask Your Clients for Feedback

A great way to open up communication with your clients is to show them some of your half- finished work or future plans and ask their opinion on them. That might be scary because they might respond, negatively or by giving ideas on a new direction for you, that you hadn’t thought of previously. Doing this can help make them feel more satisfied with your work.

Ask Questions Directly to Your Clients

Don’t be afraid to ask your clients direct questions about anything you’re working on with them. Ask them if they liked your work, how they’d improve it, how your staff interacted with them, and what suggestions they have for future work together.

Solve Your Clients Problems

Be proactive with your clients and when you see a problem that they have, that you can solve, or you know someone who can solve it, share that with them. Clients want their problems solved and even if they don’t take your advice, they’ll appreciate your knowledge and expertise.

Act as  an Educator

You are an expert in your niche and your clients should view you that way in order to have a good relationship. Feel free to educate them on the area you have your expertise in. They’ll appreciate your voice as an expert.

Create Better Contracts

If you do have contracts with your clients, then the best way to make your communication work is to work on perfecting your contracts. When an issue comes up with one client, be sure to take that as a lesson on how to make the contract with the next client even better.

Be Free with Your Opinion

The worst thing you can do is not give your client your opinion. You want to work with people who value your opinion, so be sure to give it as often as you can. Always state that it’s your opinion with some facts to back it up. Make it clear that they can go in whatever direction they want, but this is your expert opinion.

Always Be Yourself

Don’t try to be someone that you are not, only you can be you, and that’s who your clients hired. Keep being yourself always, even if it’s scary sometimes, and even if a client might let you go due to who you are, those who stick with you will be a joy to work with and will appreciate you.

Send Your Clients a Survey

Follow up with your clients at least yearly with a survey asking them about your work, products and services. Having this yearly feedback will help you do better business in the future with them and your new clients.

Take some time each year to review all of your past communications with clients, analyse what is working and how you could do better. Then work on improving this which will go far in helping you become an even bigger success.

How to Make Improvements in Client Interactions
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