When starting an online business one of the things that can be frustrating is knowing whether or not the things you are doing, all that hard work you’re putting in is actually making an impact. This can be hard to tell, especially if you don’t know the signs to look out for, here are a few good signs that you are making an impact.

You Have Regular and Growing Website/Blog Visitors

Build it and they will come is a myth, you’re not going to get a million page views overnight, in fact it’s more likely to take months before anyone really shows up to be counted. The secret is to know if your visitors are increasing and regular as that shows that what you are doing is make some sort of impact. If you’ve got a blog and you should, you need to pay particular attention to which blog posts seem to be getting the most attention, as that is what your audience wants so start to give them more of that.

Your Content Is Being Read, Shared, and Commented On

If your audience is reading your blog that awesome, but if they are sharing and leaving comments on it, you’re doing even better. Engagement is a much better indicator of impact than pure site visitors. Make sure you reply to those who comment and if you are aware of shares, always thank them if possible. Although most people hate spam, this is often the first sign that your blog is starting to get noticed, spam bots indicate that the search engines and other bots have found your website, so instead of being annoyed be pleased that things are starting to work.

You’re Consistently Making New Connections

If you’re like me your active on social media, the two platforms I utilize for business are Twitter and LinkedIn. If people are connecting with you on your chosen social media platforms, this is a great sign that you’re making a massive impact on their thoughts and actions with your online presence.

You’re Being Invited to Speak at Events

Once you start to make an impact in your niche something very exciting can start to happen, in that you start to get asked to speak at events or even be interviewed, either online or offline. It might frighten you as you feel way outside of your comfort zone, but it’s important to accept these opportunities as they will help push your reach and your business forward.

Your Content Is Being Curated

Another great indicator is if other people are talking about your content on their blogs and websites and sharing it. This type of engagement is a massive indication that you’re making waves within your niche as a thought leader.

You’re Getting New Email Subscribers Every Day

If you’ve setup and email subscription form and you should, in fact in you haven’t you’re missing a massive opportunity. If you have one and you’re getting new subscribers on a regular basis, then you are making an impact. Every subscriber has entrusted you with their email address and they will all take a closer to your goal of online business success.

You’re Building a Community

The more you build your business, the more you will (if you set it up right) build a community consisting of prospects and customers. Your customers will become fans for you and these people will convince prospects to join them as customers. You can help this with a forum, a Facebook or LinkedIn group and often it happens rather organically when you’re making an impact.

You’re Earning Money

This must be what everyone must look for to see that things are working, and nothing is a better measure of business success. You can promote products and services and start making money, even if these are affiliate links or perhaps someone has asked you to put an advertisement on your website in exchange for payment. Even a few dollars means you have made an impact on someone.

In addition to these success indicators, some other signs that you’re making an impact are that you’ve taken the time and effort to create a professionally designed blog, and that you keep it updated regularly and if you’re just starting you have no excuse as to why it isn’t updated daily.

How to Know If You’re Making an Impact 
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