Often it can be difficult to get other people to listen to your message, some audiences for example are resistant and others aren’t at all educated about the subject matter you’re trying to explain.

There are many reasons business people don’t get their point across, most often it’s simply a case of not understanding your audience and not listening to them. It is possible to get your point across clearly and concisely every time simply be following these tips.

Know Your Message

Study the message you want to deliver from all sides of the equation. If you know the objections going in, you’ll be able to address them as you educate your audience. Know all the points, both the pros and cons and anything in between and have answers to them, before you even attempt to share your message with an audience.

Know Your Audience

You can deliver the same message to different audiences, but you should change your delivery method based on each actual audience. You need to understand the demographics of the audience as well as their values, education and more so that you know the right way to address them to really get your point across. For example, if you know your audience well, you can come up with examples specific to them that they can really relate too.

Choose Your Words Carefully

After you understand your specific audience, you can figure out the best words to use to get your point across. Each audience will understand different reference points and examples to learn about a particular fact. When you work out what you want to say, it will be individualized for the person or people you’re talking to.

Focus on the Receiver

It’s not the receiver’s job to interpret what you’re trying to say, it’s actually your job to speak in such a way that the receiver is sure of what you’re trying to say. You don’t want the person you’re talking to, to have to guess at what you’re saying at all. The way you do this, is to focus on the receiver and use words, phrases, and body language that allows them to comprehend what you’re saying.

Speak Last

If you’re in a disagreement or in a situation where more than one person is speaking, the best thing to do is let others speak first, listen, and then speak last. The reason is that most people will not step back and listen when they’re too busy trying to be heard. If you step back and let them go first, you’ll be more likely to be heard when it’s your turn.

Start with an Agreement

When you do speak, always talk first about the things you agree with. That gets you onto a good footing with the other person or people. When you start with agreement, you can work on the points of disagreement without road blocks that can stifle good communication.

Be Positive

Even when you get to the point of discussing the areas of disagreement, try to remain positive. Don’t downgrade or dismiss someone else’s views, or form sentences that are negative in any way.

Educate and Inform

Remember that you are there to educate and inform, not to sell or promote. Selling and promoting starts sounding hollow and forced after a while and it really does turn people off. Even if you ultimately want someone to buy what you have, focusing on educating and informing will go a lot further in getting your point across and helping you achieve your aims.

Remember, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Take the time to listen and learn, and then calmly tell your side. In this way, your point will be heard.

How to Get Your Points Across Clearly and Concisely
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