Digital product sales are booming, and growing all the time due to the “always on” nature of our lives, where many people are seldom off-screen and consume content on every device they own – from smartphones to tablets to desktops. The trouble is, so many digital products are being released that it can be difficult to create one that stands out from the rest.

Here are some simple ways to do this.

Know Your Niche

Know what your target market wants, and give it to them. Think about “pain points” – problems they have related to your niche, which you can offer real solutions to.

Research Current Products for Sale

Know what is currently on sale in your niche, and plan on how to go at least one better. For example, read the reviews and testimonials. What does it do well? What is missing? What unique spin can you put on the material that will show your expertise?

A Great Title

How-to titles may not sound too exciting, but they are very popular. Describe what they will learn in a way that sounds compelling.

A Great Cover or Packaging

People really do judge a book by its cover, so invest the time to come up with a great one for your digital item. If it is an eBook, it should look like a traditional book cover. If it is a multimedia product or course, you can make it look like a book or a DVD cover.

Build Your Brand

Don’t just think of one title at a time. Present a consistent brand with every new release in such a way that your target audience will see the cover and know it is you. A logo, choice of color scheme, fonts, layout and so on can all help you develop your brand. Sooner or later, every product you create will stand out because it is from your brand.

Create an Affiliate Network

List your digital product at JVZoo or ClickBank. In this way, you can get people to sell the item for you in exchange for a commission. If your target audience starts to see your product everywhere, it shows it is worth paying attention to.

Give your affiliates useful items to help sell your item, such as banners, articles and so on.

Give Every Product a Full Launch

Once your product is finished, launch to great fanfare. Tell your emails lists, notify everyone on social media, and so on. If you have a budget, consider running Facebook or other ads as well.

Host a Webinar

When you launch, host a webinar about the topic. Offer interesting content and a great one-time offer at the end, especially for those who have taken the trouble to attend your event.

Stack and Bundle the Value

As an incentive to get people to buy, consider offering bonuses related to your item. Some marketers will create an entire website around the product. Others might create a Facebook group where people would have access to you and be able to ask questions. Checklist, tip sheets and so on can all help your product stand out.

Use some of these tips to make your digital products stand out from the rest.

How to Create a Digital Product That Stands Out from the Rest
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