Everyone does it, and everyone should occasionally do it, do what? Search for yourself on Google so that you can find out what information about you is available to be found easily by anyone. If you find information that you wish hadn’t showed up, there are a few things you can do to bury the information. If someone however is helping to spread this information, it does depend on how active they are but my experience tells me that if you work hard, you can bury the negative stuff, let’s look at how.

Set Up Profiles on Social Media That Everyone Can See

The more public profiles and active social media accounts that you can maintain, the more positive information about you people will find, and the lower down the search results that negative information will be. You do however have to ensure each profile mentions your name and company name as well as any of the products or services that have attracted the negative information. If you can easily identify the keyword phrase that resulted in you finding the negative results, include that also.

Get Social Online

Making useful and well thought out comments online under your own name is an important way to negate any negative content that is floating around out there about you or your business. By posting comments on blogs, other people’s social media accounts and within forums, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, etc… will make you look a lot more trustworthy and smarter in the eyes of the public.

Ensure That All Your Online Real-Estate Connects Together

Within the profile confines, be sure that every one of your social media profiles link to your website and blog and when possible to each other. You want a connection to be known so that everyone knows who exactly you are. Then just use these accounts to make comments, post useful content, and share important industry news with your followers. Everything you do within these accounts online will increase activity and that will help.

Dominate Negative Keywords

Identify the negative keywords or phrases people are using in the search engines to bring up the results that show your negative content. Own these keywords by writing blog posts that incorporate these keywords, use them in titles, image alt tags and naturally within the posts. Use these keywords in your video’s and other content, even if it’s just in the description. The point is that the more content that you can produce incorporating these negative keywords, the more you will push that negative stuff down the search tables.

Get Some Help

Ask your employees, friends and family to help you to conduct searches to locate more and more keywords and negative information. Google, especially if you are logged in tailors the content it shows you to its profile of you, by getting others to perform searches you get to bypass your own filtered content and see it through the eyes of someone else.

Enlist Friends and Family to Say Good Things

Round up your posse of friends and family and ask them to comment on forums, blogs and within social media. Ask them to keep everything positive and upbeat at all times, but to casually mention your business in their comments and conversations in a positive way. You can also ask them to leave positive feedback on those review websites.

Get Some Testimonials

Ask your business associates and customers for positive, but honest testimonials. Ask your contacts on LinkedIn for testimonials and recommendations, ask your customers and associates for testimonials you can incorporate within your website. If you’ve done a really good job, you might even write a case study and ask for a testimonial to include within it. Often it is easier to write the initial blog post or testimonial and then to ask your customer to edit it and make it their own. Whatever you can do to increase the good words out there about you, the better.

Do More Interviews

Interviews are a great way to get rid of negative search results and bury them under all of the positive information about you. You can go to your business partners, employees, and business associates get interviews. If you have a virtual assistant, task them with getting you at least one interview per week to talk about a few different subjects you can let the interviewees choose from. If you don’t have a virtual assistant (you should) then you’ll have to do the leg work yourself, but opening yourself up to interviews will definitely help push down the negativity.

Pushing down negativity may take some time, but it can be done if you put in all of the hard work. In fact, shouldn’t you be doing all of this all of the time anyway? If you do, you won’t have to worry that much about one online blunder.

How to Bury Information You Dont Want Known
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