Product creation is essential for any successful online business, and it’s great to start out as an affiliate marketer earning commissions, but it is only by creating and marketing your own products that you can really start to be in control of your own business and future.

It can be rather daunting to think about launching your own product. But it does not have to be. Product creation is easier than you think and you will improve your skills over time if you follow a few simple rules.

Start with Your Audience in Mind

Many online marketers make the mistake of starting with a product idea, creating it, and then trying to follow through and sell it. However, this is not the best way to create your first product. Instead, you should think about the main problems of the people in your niche, and how a product you create can help solve them.

People want to buy real solutions to the issues they face every day. In a lot of cases, they are also buying into what we might term a better version of themselves: a better life with more skills, more money, better relationships, thinner, fitter, and so forth. No matter what niche you are working in, chances are that your audience aspires to do things better, faster, cheaper and so forth. Those are the kinds of solutions that they will be interested in and therefore ones they will be interesting in buying from you.

Choosing the Best Format

Once you know the main problems that your niche audience would like to solve, then it is a case of determining what would be the best format to help them. In most cases, an ebook will be beneficial. However, in other cases, images, infographics, video and audio might be more helpful.

For example, if you are teaching people how to become a better vegetarian cook, videos showing cooking techniques, step-by-step recipes and more will be much more beneficial than just a plain recipe book. The ebook can certainly serve as a script for your product, but remember you will also be able to charge more money for multimedia products than you would for any ebook.

Carry Out Market Research

You also want to be able to offer something that is unique in some way, you might not be the only person offering your particular type of product, but yours should have a particular spin on it (make it your own) compared with similar items on the market.

For example, you can go to Amazon and research the various books already published about your topic. Look at the reviews. Make a list of what the positive reviews praise. Then look at the negative reviews to see what customers complain about. They might note that the data is wrong, something is missing, they might have wanted to see X, Y and Z, and so on. Make a list of things your product should be sure to cover, and you will be able to go at least one better than your competition.

Check Out the Latest Trends

Remember also that the market does not stand still. There are always new trends and new products being released. Don’t create your product in a vacuum. Make sure that you look around at least once a month to see what’s hot and what’s not in your niche. Check bestsellers at Amazon, trends at Facebook and Twitter, new releases in the books sections, and so on.

Ask Your Audience

Engage more with your audience to find out what they really want and need. Pay attention to any feedback you get. If you have an email marketing list, there’s no need to guess whether or not they will be interested in a product or service. Survey them and pay attention to the results.

Follow these tips to ensure that the product you create will be what your audience wants and needs.

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