Almost everywhere you turn, almost everyone you meet has a smartphone and that means opportunities especially in the App marketplace as every one of these smartphones is loaded with Apps. People come up with ideas for apps daily, I know I have been approached numerous times by people with such ideas. Lately however, as the environmental movement gains ground there has been a huge push to come up with great environmentally helpful apps.

Great Ideas Can Sell

Whatever you’re great green idea may be, you have the potential to make a seriously large amount of money by developing apps like this. Governments and people everywhere are looking for ideas on how to help people live green, especially if it saves people money as well. Even with a price tag of just 99cents or a few dollars that most apps seem to be priced at, these are extremely lucrative given the potential large volume of sales. Your idea could literally be your lottery ticket to well, wherever you want to go.

Popular Ideas for Green Apps

As you would imagine there are lots of green apps already developed. The vast majority of these ideas have multiple versions as people have come up with ways to expand upon what is already available. Remember the idea is to help other people find ways to be more environmentally friendly, or to help people create less waste or environmental impact.

Ride Share

There are lots of apps set in different locations all over the world that help people reduce their carbon footprint by carpooling with other people in their area. You can find a popular app for this in just about every busy city, especially where commuting is often necessary to get to work.

Fuel Calculators

Another idea that seems to be popular and which has many versions are apps that help you calculate how much fuel you are using. The premise behind these apps is that you enter how many miles your vehicle has driven, and then update the number of miles when you fill up with fuel, this helps you know what kind of fuel economy you are getting.

Big Brother Pollution Police

There are also apps that help you report issues when you see a person or business doing something such as polluting. Usually, these are not specifically for people that throw gum wrappers out the window, but more for instances where you might see someone dumping into a water source. Many of these apps actually connect with local authorities so legal action can be taken by the authority.

Barcode Scans

Have you ever wondered how environmentally friendly a product you purchase is? With these barcode scanners, you can actually find out what sort of environmental impact a company has with their factories and production of goods. These types of apps come in many forms. There are even apps that can tell you if certain foods or companies are vegan-friendly, which can have a big impact on the environment.

Remote Power

Have you ever left the house with a sneaking suspicion that you might have left the lights on? I know I have. One of the most popular green app that fit in this category are apps where you can actually turn your lights on and off from your smartphone. This not only helps you monitor your energy use, but can be a great safety feature as well, as you can turn lights on when you are late home giving people the impression you are home.

Driving Apps

There are a multitude of apps available that can help you determine what your fuel economy is, as well as how efficient your driving is. For example, some apps will even tell you if you are accelerating too quickly, or if you are driving too fast or too slow, to get the best fuel economy.

Plant a Tree

One really neat app idea that is aimed at solving a major environmental issue of deforestation are apps that actually plant trees for every app purchase. These apps often have games or pictures to look at to entice more people to purchase their app so they can plant more trees.

As you can see, there are already tons of green apps being developed, but there are an unlimited number ideas out there. Maybe your idea could be the next big thing to help save the environment and make you a small fortune.

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