Do you ever sit and think deep thoughts, let’s do just that for a moment shall we? Your life is a reflection of your actions. What you put out into the world, you get back, if you are positive, you’ll get positivity back. If you are negative, you’ll get negativity back. People really do seem to reflect back to you the way you are, most of the time, I did say these were deep thoughts. This then means that you can say this of your people or audience. Give them respect if you want respect back; give them time if you want time, and so forth. It really works.

Always Pass the Credit

When you have success at work, within your career or within your business, it’s easy to accept all of the credit. But the truth is, you should pass that credit on to your whole team. The more you do that, the more they’ll want to give of themselves because they feel as if the successes are shared. Success feels good, everyone likes feeling successful so always share the credit with your team.

Always Accept the Blame

We all live in the real world and sometimes things go wrong, that’s why accidents are call accidents and not called “on purposes”. A real leader will take the blame, after all, it was your vision that wasn’t explained thoroughly enough, your systems and procedures were not comprehensive enough and that allowed the failure to occur in the first place. But, you can learn from it. Let your team know that you take the blame, why, and how you’ll proceed in the future.

Know Real Talent When You See It

When you bring on team members, bring on people who have a talent for something special and then let them go. Don’t tie them up by having them do something not in their wheel house. Use your team members for what they love to do and are good at doing.

Be the Reflection You Want to See

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see a kind, generous, smart, hard-working individual? Most of the time you will find that your team will follow you and your example. Be the example you want to see, whether that’s how you talk to people, how you dress, or how you do your work.

Know Who You Are

A real leader knows who they are deep down and doesn’t try to hide it and pretend to be someone they aren’t. They are authentically themselves and want others to be authentically themselves too. Be the type of person who isn’t afraid to admit, what you are good at, or afraid to state what they are good at, and of course those you are weakest at.

Know Your Team

Make the effort and take the time to get to know every member of your team so that you know when there is a problem. Being able to build a relationship with each team member is essential to being able to work successfully together.

Listen to and Act on Feedback

Allow and encourage your team members to give you constructive and honest feedback. You want them to feel free to tell you things you may not even want to hear; as long as it’s meant for good and constructively, that’s all that matters. To show that you’re really listening to them, you should also act on the feedback, either by stating you heard them and will consider it, or by doing something about it.

Provide Constructive Feedback

In return, you should provide constructive feedback to your team members. If you have critiques that you keep to yourself, your team member cannot ever get better at what they do. They want to please you, but you must give them the opportunity to grow and learn via your feedback. Remember a true leader tells his team members what they need to know and not necessarily what they want to know.

It’s a simple fact, if you focus on your team, they will focus on you. If you give a lot of yourself, your team will emulate you and do the same with others. Just by setting that sort of example, you can build an amazing team of creative, thoughtful and successful individuals that aren’t held back and are able to achieve far more than they could alone.

Give Yourself to Your People and They Will Give Back
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