There are a number of different types of membership sites and business models to choose from. Some will suit your niche or business better than others.

A Regular Membership Site

This is the traditional site in which a member is given exclusive content within a private members’ area that they can access once they have paid their fee. It will offer a range of content and be useful for almost anyone interested in that niche. It can also be a free membership site if you want to offer it as an add-on to another product or service as a bonus.

A free membership site can be monetized the same way as a blog, with ad revenue, affiliate sales, and your own product sales. A paid membership site will mean they pay a monthly fee, and the payment will be processed and placed directly into your account through a convenient system such as PayPal. You can also earn income through product sales.

A Trickle-Feed Membership Site

With this membership site, you will add content gradually. This will help pace their learning and not overwhelm them with too many things to look at inside the members’ area. It is also a good way of delivering a coaching program or structured ecourse, delivering the content a little at a time. This is a good idea for two reasons:

  • You can start a membership site right away with only a small amount of content, and gradually add to it.
  • The continual trickle will encourage them to keep learning and paying their membership fee month after month, for more and more profits.

A Private Interactive Membership Site

This will usually include a combination of content and some form of interactivity. It might be to you directly, through questions and answers, webinars, coaching calls, and/or a forum, or through group activities such as a chat room, closed Facebook group, and more. You can charge a higher price for this type of site. You just need to organize it in such a way that it won’t eat up too much of your time.

Monthly Business Assistance Site

There are a number of ways to help business owners run their business effectively through education and information. For example, you could offer insider tip and tricks, coaching and how-to videos. It would all depend on your niche.

If we take internet marketing, for instance, we see that there are many tasks involved in running a successful business online – such as email marketing, social media and so on. Offering tutorials on each of these topics and offering insider knowledge is worth it for people who don’t want to waste time with things that don’t work.

You can also offer content they can use for their own business, to use on their blogs, for instance, or even sell to their target audience. Known as private label rights (PLR), you will give them a license to use the content in exchange for their monthly membership fee.

With so many profitable models to choose from, decide what best meets the needs of your target audience and suits your own business style, and you should soon be able to set up your own membership site and watch the money roll in.

Four Types of Membership Sites or Business Models to Consider
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